Saturday Shopping: Vested

If there is one article of clothing I've come to love over the past year or so it's a vest.  It's one of those pieces that you can just add to an outfit to give it a little something extra.  I have two J.Crew vest from last year that I love but I've been eyeing some new ones to add to my wardrobe this year.

(I can thank Emily for showing me this one!)

(also known as every blogger's favorite vest)

Are you a vest person?  Do you like the faux fur trend or the moto vest trend?

Happy Saturday!


  1. AHH i want that herringbone vest! xoxo

  2. I haven't thought of myself as a vest person but these are great options!

  3. All great choices! You can never have too many vests, they are such a versatile and multi-season piece!


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