Postpartum Essentials

I promise one of these days I will stop talking about pregnancy, babies, postpartum, etc. Until then I wanted to share my postpartum favorites this time around. You can see my postpartum essentials from after Miller here

Postpartum Favorites

1. Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Corset- This corset has been amazing!! After Miller was born I just wore Spanx to help stabilize my incision and they worked fine but this time I wanted something different. Since I had two babies in 16 months my ab muscles were pretty much done after this pregnancy. I decided to splurge on this corset and I'm so happy I did.  It has made my c-section recovery a breeze! Instead of being uncomfortable as I expected it's actually so comfortable and has given me the ability to move around and  recover faster. The other bonus is that my stomach has gone down considerably since I've been wearing it.  I'm shocked at how flat it is at only 6 weeks postpartum.  I highly suggest one of these corsets to anyone who just had a baby but especially to anyone who had a c-section. The price seems high but trust me you  will get your money's worth!

2. Gilligan & O'Malley Nursing Sleep Bras- These are a must have for nursing mamas.  You will quickly learn without a bra on at night you will leak everywhere and these are so comfortable you don't even feel like you're wearing a bra. I usually have these on day and night

3. Hooter Hider Nursing Cover-One of my girlfriends let me her Hooter hider nursing cover since Layla chewed mine and I love it!  It's made nursing on the go so easy.

4. Lansinoh Nursing Pads- These are a must have and my favorite brand! They never disappoint and you can get the 100 count pack at Target.

5. Bobeau Wrap Cardigan- These are not pregnancy related but this cardigan has been my favorite over the last 6 weeks. I've asked for 2 more for Christmas in some fun colors.  They could double as a nursing cover as needed plus it's flattering and comfortable.

6. Solly Baby Wrap-This wrap has been a lifesaver! Matthew loves to be held and with a 17 month old who still needs a lot of attention it's been tough. I'm not going to lie I don't exactly love baby wearing like some people do but the Solly Baby Wrap is easy to use and Matthew loves it so it's a win-win. The bonus is that the Solly Baby brand comes in fun colors and patterns.

So there you have it! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the items.

What were your postpartum essentials?



  1. I didn't have a C-section, but I am definitely mad that I never invested in any type of corset or tummy press after having Brody. I will definitely buy one after having my next baby because I do think it helps get your shape back a lot faster. I am still struggling in the mid-section 18 months postpartum!! :)

  2. I love that cardigan! Something that doubles as a nursing cover and is fashionable it's always a win!

  3. hooter hider! lol i love it :) im sure this list will come in handy in a few weeks!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Kinda want the hooter hider... for now... hah it's just really cute!

  5. Thank you for posting about that girdle! I've been wearing compression underware and I don't feel like it's helping me shrink at all. I may have to invest in one! And I love my wrap cardigan! I may have to get a few other colors too!

  6. I used the belly bandit after my c-section with Ginny and loved how it helped with my recovery but didn't like having to constantly readjust it when it slid up. Definitely will invest in the ones you suggest for #3! I seriously wish more OBs talked about the benefits of some kind of a wrap after a c-section because I didn't have one for abby and wish I'd known about them!

  7. I love the Solly wrap!! Kudos to you for rocking this out with a 17 month old!


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