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TGIF Y'all!!  I am running a little late this morning!  I was out until 1am last night!! It was a much needed and fun girls night with MCW, Miss Mindless, and my sister.  So I'm a little exhausted today and I didn't even have any wine.  These ladies are all so much fun and I'm very thankful to blogging for introducing them to me and my sister.

 Linking up as usual with these lovely ladies...  April, Darci, Natasha, and Christina 

1.  Thank You!!  
 - First of all I just have to say a big Thank You to everyone who participated in our first Thoughts for Thursday link up yesterday!   We really appreciate it and can't wait to see more new faces next week and get to know all of you better.  This blog community really is the BEST! 

Thoughts for Thursday

2. One Year Ago and today 
- I posted this picture to instagram one year ago this week.  I was 2.5 weeks from my due date and about 3 weeks from meeting Miller.  It's so crazy to see how much life has changed in the past year and I can't belive that I'm 18 weeks with another baby on the way. 

 37.5 weeks with Miller

 18 weeks with Baby #2

3. Wooden High Chair
- I have been on the hunt for a wooden high chair pretty much since Miller was born to paint for his 1st birthday.  Everyone I found on Craigslist was either gone by the time I found it or way too much money.  Last week I finally scored one for $35!!    Better late than never!  I am so excited to get this thing cleaned and spruced up for the party. 

- We are finally starting to make some progress on getting the first floor decorated.  Ever since the kitchen, bath, and floor renovation it's been really bare so I'm so excited that it's starting to come together.  The first order of business are these prints coming from One Kings Lane.   I'm 99% sure they are going over our family room couch!! 

5. Pottery Barn Striped Umbrella
- As I mentioned yesterday I'm trying to get the house decorated and organized before Miller's party in 3 weeks.  We need a new outdoor umbrella since Layla chewed our last one and I'm thinking this one is perfect.   Our deck chairs have green cushions and I think this will be a nice light contrast.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Great find on the highchair!! Can't wait to see what you do with it for the little's bday! And you look beautiful in both your bump pictures!

  2. I love those crab prints, and you look SO cute pregnant (in both pictures). Have a great weekend girl!

  3. Are we on the same page with highchairs or what! Love it, what color are you painting it? Also look at Cost Plus for umbrellas. You buy the base separate from the shade. This way it's only $50 to replace the shade when you want to!

  4. Seriously you look so stinkin' cute at 18 weeks pregnant!!

    I love the prints you found on OKL - so timeless and that blue is my all-time favorite color to decorate with,

  5. Had so much fun!
    Did you realize that that's the umbrella I have, but in navy?
    And those crabs remind me of my octopus! Love them.

  6. Wow, time flies and it's always fun to look back to exactly a year ago. LOVE the crab prints! Have a great weekend!

  7. Many and belated congrats on no. 2! I have also been fixated on non-plastic and hopefully a wooden high chair for the little one. She is still months away from using one but I hope I can get the Stokke at a good price some time!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. You are one gorgeous preggo!! And love the prints and umbrella. Can't wait to see what you do for Miller's first birthday!

  9. That high chair is going to turn out great!


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