Summer Dresses: Mid Week Muse

There is nothing I love more in the summer than dresses.  I'm not sure how practical they will be with a baby this year but I'm still hoping that I can make them work in some way.  

I've been meaning to post this since I wore it two weekends ago,  I couldn't get the best picture at my parents so bare with me.    It's the Tildon racerback dress that I posted about here
Also I hope you love my crooked mirror selfies because I will not be modeling for you all anytime soon.  #tooawkwardtoposeforsomeone

The dress is a lot more plum in person than it appeared online. At first I wasn't sure but my options were limited so I went with it and I'm so glad it did.   For $48 I think the quality is great and it's not see through at all.  It was also super comfortable since it just hangs and doesn't grab anywhere.  I did wear spanx underneath to help keep it all sucked in, but I pretty much wear spanx all the time now.  Maybe one day when I'm in shape again I won't need them :)
I paired it with an old pair of Via Spiga open toed nude heels and a fun neon necklace that belonged to my mom. 

Every since I bought this dress I've been itching to do more summer dress shopping.  Here are a few that are on my list...
Loving how flowy and comfortable this one looks but still somewhat dressy because of the material 

Love this dress- I feel like you could really dress this one up or down and could probably pull it off for work (I know I could have at my old job)

I pinned this last week and can't stop thinking about it.  I have a dress similar to this that I bought in Rhode Island 5 years ago that is on it's last leg so I'm thinking this might need to be the replacement.

This just screams comfortable and relaxing and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't look stupid at the park in this dress.  It's also on sale right now with 30% for only $39.50 and comes in hot pink and white. 

I blogged about this Splendid maxi two weeks ago but I found this one that I like so much better- this is the drapey version which just looks much more loose and comfortable.  If you can't tell already I don't really like things to be "grabby" on me- I prefer flowy dresses and tops :)

Do you wear a lot of dresses in the summer?  Do you prefer maxi or short dresses?  Anyone have advice for wearing sundresses with a baby?

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  1. That dress is so perfect on you. Loving that maxi one.

  2. Ohhhh that blue Splendid drapey dress is my JAM! LOVE!

  3. Cute finds! The Nordstrom dress looked great on you. I practically live in dresses from March - November. Shorts are a last resort. The only problem I've had with dresses and a little one is the length. I'm tall and so many cute dresses I find are just way too short - particularly for a mom who is constantly bending over, playing, chasing, etc. I still wear short dresses more often than maxis though because they just seem easier to move in when you're on the go. I love that Piperlime cross-front dress.

  4. That dress looks so good on you!! Love it! Perfect for us tall girls! I also love that Splendid maxi. Im all about flows tops and drapey dresses too. That's all I wear!

  5. That dress looks awesome on you and you have a killer figure!

  6. Girl, you take good mirror selfies!! Mine, not so much...But I do always love seeing these dresses on "real humans" rather than on a hanger or size 0 models. It helps so much to see how they will really fit. You look awesome and I love that dress as well as those 2 maxi dresses!!

  7. I kinda love that it was more plum in person! It's a gorgeous color.

    And I need me a Jersey style dress ASAP. I'm just worried it will cling in all the WRONG places!

  8. A huge cheers for dresses season! Loving the red maxi and the eyelet dress. I feel like you can never have too many dresses, right ha!?

  9. Love that dress on you! I wonder if it would work with a baby bump? I have two weddings to go to this summer, one I will be 29 weeks and the other 35 weeks. Eek!

  10. You look amazing!!! I love these dresses, especially the first two - I've been shopping for more summer dresses too. Thanks for the help!! ;)

  11. I am so glad that you got the dress. It looks wonderful! And you could so dress it down for a fun summer-day.

  12. That dress is perfect on you!! What spanx do you prefer? I know I'll be wearing them all summer once I finally have this little one! I'm not a huge maxi fan in the summer because my legs get hot (and I'm short so they seem to get a lot of playground dirt on them at the bottom)! I LOVE short summer dresses though (and probably even more now since I'll be nursing all summer and they'll be off limits - I always want what I can't have).

  13. I love wearing dresses with kids because they take two seconds to throw on and you're instantly put together! I always wear spanx in case I am bending over for kid stuff and forget (oops!) I just ordered the Sabine one! Great minds ;) I have the Factory dress and do NOT recommend it - it is VERY stiff. I also got the Collective Concepts one and it is super low cut in the front (too much so for every day) and the pockets make it look much wider on the sides than in that picture. I returned it (boo!) But I am also eyeing the Splendid dress!


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