Naptime Confessions

I haven't done one of these in awhile so here goes...

- I'm not sure what happened to my sweet little baby but this week he has been possessed with angry little demon with an attitude.   Can 10 month olds really have temper tantrums?   I let him go to bed the other night with a hair brush because the crying and screaming that happened when I tried to take  it away was just ridiculous.  I thought I still had some time before this kind of stuff happened.

- Can I add that I'm also lacking in patience this week.   I don't know why but everyone is just on my last nerve.   Trying to have an attitude check myself.  

- Sometimes I leave Disney Jr on and catch myself still watching the shows after Miller is already in bed.  Sophia the First might be my favorite.

- Why is it when the seasons change  I suddenly hate everything in my closet and want to go on a $5000 shopping spree?  Because obviously everything I fall in love with online has to be the most expensive item possible. 

- Speaking of seasons changing it seems we went from winter straight into summer.  Besides yesterday it's been in the almost 80s all week with lots of delicious humidity.  

- Also my hair has suddenly gotten wavy.  If I don't blow dry it right away it will be really wavy and I will have to take the time to straight it.  Well today I blew it straight then took the dog and baby for a walk and the waves are back!! I'm so not used to this I have no idea what to do.  Curly haired friends- please advise. 

- I only have 6 weeks until my baby turns 1.  Officially freaking out. 

- I'm dying to take a tropical vacation somewhere with just Kyle especially after seeing Annie's pictures of Turks and Caicos, but I'm not sure I could leave my baby for more than 1 night :(

- I've been trying to cook more and find recipes online to try.  I usually hate it but I have to admit the other night that I actually really enjoyed the process and I was quite proud of myself when I was finished. 

- I made the mistake of buying a big thing of peanut butter cookies on Monday.  The box is almost gone.   My sweet tooth is out of control.  At least I'm actually sharing this box with Kyle and not hiding it like I've been known to do with some sweets. 

- Sometimes I hate even writing these out because they're all such #firstworldproblems

So I leave you with this that I came across on Pinterest.... 


Anything you want to confess this week? 




  1. I can't even believe that our boys will be 1 year old in 6 short weeks. I can't believe how fast time goes now that I'm a mommy... I know you agree!

    I have wavy hair. Buy yourself some frizz ease serum and attempt to embrace it. There's just no way around it. My hair is so different postpartum and I'm still not used to it either. It's like I've lost shine and my hair always looks so dry. wtf?

    I hate my wardrobe as the seasons change also. You are so not alone in this, haha!!

  2. LOL! That graphic is hysterical. The green/red light one is my favorite.

    It's prob the change in hormones. My mom's hair went from curly to straight to curly to straight with each hormone shift. I went from straight to curly in middle school...As a curly haired girl get some real Moroccan oil. and put it in when your hair is wet and then you can also use it when it's dry to tame frizz. Don't fight it...humidity always wins.

  3. We really were on the same page today haha! I feel you on constantly needing a closet revamp! I blame it on my mom because she worked in Macy's Kids when I was a kid. So I always had new clothes, you can't undo years of high expectations!!

  4. I hear you lady! It was a full moon and I think Sarah Sterling is still recovering. It has been a long week. I also want to do some serious shopping! I can't believe Miller will be 1!!! (Also I enjoy a good Sofia the First as well.)

  5. Hilarious pin, and it concerns me because I think I've complained about each one of those topics....whoops!!

    And, I love your disney confession - too funny!

  6. love it! i MIGHT hide sweets too.. specifically milk duds... the shame. ;) and i feel you on the shopping. especially with all of the great sales lately. torture!

  7. I always love your nap time confessions!! I think we are beginning to get glimpses of "toddler temper tantrums" from our boys already! I can not believe it. Diaper changes have only gotten worse and I seriously want to pin the child down sometimes!! haha. But at the same time, its the cutest age YET!

    You could absolutely make it for a few nights with out M. I promise. You will almost feel bad that you are having so much fun and not missing him more :) However, seeing their face again is the best thing ever!!


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