Five on Friday


You know the drill...

1. Silver Oak 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon 
My husband was given two bottles of this wine as a gift from a client and it delicious.  We opened a bottle last night to enjoy as we passed out candy and it did not disappoint.  We probably should have saved it for a special occasion since it's so expensive but sometimes it's fun to drink expensive wine just hanging out at your own house doing nothing special. 

2. Valley White/White Spring Granite

I need this granite! I usually don't like granite with that much design in it but after stumbling upon this picture on Pinterest I fell in love.  I obviously need to see it in person but so far it's a great starting point.

3. J.Crew Factory
If you've been following this blog for awhile you know that I love to shop and I love J.Crew.  In the past year and a half I've started shopping more at J.Crew Factory because their prices are so much better and they have sales all the time! If you haven't given them a shot yet you have to.  The quality is the same as J.Crew for half the price. 

Here are some pieces I love from there:

 Artist Tee

 Charley Sweater 

 Neon Tile Collar Necklace

 Polka Dot Popover 

4. Monogram Gold Cuff Ring

 I think this is kind of a fun idea- to have a little cuff ring with your initials on it!  I'm thinking maybe a right hand ring

5. Loaded Candy Bar Brownies
 Need something to do with all that left over Halloween candy?!  I Heart Naptime has these deadly  delicious looking brownies loaded with all sorts of candy!  I may have to make these (and give some away) so I don't just sit around all day munching on the left over candy.



  1. Silver Oak is one of my favorite splurge wines - and a perfect pick for a cozy, Halloween night!

  2. I found your blog through Five on Friday!

    I'm in love with that granite! My kitchen is very, very dark tones - dark cabinetry, dark countertops, dark stainless steel appliances, burgundy accents. While I love it, I secretly wish it was light, airy and full of white cabinetry (but I'm not willing to splurge - yet!)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. love that wine! silver oak is definitely on my list whenever i make it out to napa!

  4. I want that ring in a cuff. And I need those brownies without the calories please.

    Heading to my parents today, will take a few pics of the kitchen and send to you...

  5. Well now I need that cuff and those brownies!!! Get it girl!

  6. Just bookmarked the recipe for those brownies!

    I have the polkadot popover on my wishlist

  7. I have a gold cigar ring with my initials on it that I wear on my right hand. I love J. Crew factory too. Such great prices and I swear the quality is almost comparable to J. Crew!

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