Baby Mills: 3 Months and 4 months

As of his 4 month appointment on 10/29/13:
Weight:  15 lbs 1 oz (50th percentile)
Length: 26 inches- (80th percentile)
Clothes:  Mills been in 3-6 month clothes since about 10 weeks due to his length but he is still wearing them and I'm thinking we might be able to make it through November in them! This makes me so happy to get about 3 months in one size!   We are still in size 2 diapers which we've also been in since about 10 weeks. 
Health: In general he's been very healthy.  We did experience our first cold right after his baptism in early October but besides the stuffy nose he was still his happy laid back self.  We have had a lot of issues with spit up but he's a "happy spitter" meaning he spits up a lot but doesn't experience any pain or reflux.   I'm not sure if changing my diet would change this or not- my pediatrician doesn't seem think that will help and that some babies just spit up. 

Diet: We went 3 months with exclusive breastfeeding!  Right over the 3 month mark in early October he tried his first bottle of formula because I was having major supply issues and I was supposed to be away from him and was worried he would starve if I couldn't pump.  He drank the formula down like a champ and didn't seem to care at all (which made me half happy and half sad).  Thankfully everything worked out and I was able to pump enough for that day but he's had a few formula bottles here and there since then.  Unfortunately ever since he hit 12 weeks my supply has been awful.  I have tried making milk cookies, fenugreek, mother's milk tea, excessive amounts of water, and tons of extra pumping.  Let's just say it's been an exhausting few weeks.   My goal was to make it to 6 months breastfeeding and I'm hoping to be able to keep that up to some extent but I think I'm going to have to start supplementing or adding in one bottle of formula a day.   I had a ton of guilt over this at first but I'm starting to come around to the idea that formula will probably keep all of us happier.  
*I never knew I would feel such guilt over having problems with breastfeeding and I see nothing wrong with formula I just never realized how hard it would be if I had problems breastfeeding*

Sleep:  Sleep has been rough the past 2 months!  Miller went from sleeping in his pack n play or crib to refusing to sleep flat and was back to waking up every 3 hours a night.  We think this might be a combination of being hungry and his spit up problems.  So he is currently sleeping in the Rock n Play sleeper in his own room next to his crib.   We have started giving him a bottle of pumped breastmilk or formula for his last night feeding and that has helped fill him up and keep him sleeping longer.  I was concerned about still using the Rock n Play but my pediatrician said he will soon grow out of it the more mobile he becomes and won't want to be in it.  We're slowly working on the transition back to the crib. 

Baby Gear Love:   Angel Deal lovies,  FP cradle n swing,  FP rainforest activity mat,  Baby Jogger City Mini, Diaper genie, Rock n Play sleeper, Baby Bjorn, Dr. Brown Bottles, Bumbo seat, Brica Baby in Sight Magical Firefly Auto Mirror, Baby Einstein Take along tunes, Sassy Baby Keys, Sophie the giraffe.

Likes:  Eating, playing on his playmat, the bumbo seat, baths, taking walks in the stroller, his lovies that he has to be holding or on his face when he's sleeping,  he's discovered Layla and loves to reach out to pet her since she's soft (we realized he loves soft things to hold or rub on his face), grabbing on to his car seat toys

Dislikes: Pacifiers and being hungry

Crying: He only really cries when he's hungry, otherwise he is a happy little guy. He seriously never stops smiling.

Milestones: First laugh, Rolled over from back to front, Rolled over from front to back, Got baptized,  starting "talking" more and more and loves to hear himself scream
 Social/Visitors: Now that he doesn't hate the car seat and can be entertained with toys getting out has been much easier.  We've been to PA to visit family and friends, and DC a few times to visit friends. We had Miller's baptism and had family in town to visit. It's also been so much easier for me to get out and run errands or take him anywhere in general now that the car seat doesn't cause blood curdling screams.

Postpartum:  I've been doing well. I still haven't been exercising too much besides walking the dog 1-2 times a day and this exercise I blogged about two weeks ago.  I have lost all the weight I gained pregnant except for 2lbs and I'm just about back in all my pre-baby clothes.  I still have a few "skinny" jeans that don't fit but I'm back in all my tops, dresses and most pants.  


  1. I can't believe he is already four months! Time goes too fast! He is so cute! I hope he starts sleeping all night for you soon!

  2. Great update! Savanna turned 5 months last Sunday and we packed away all of her 3-6 month outfits already:( Which is okay because it gave me an excuse to shop for new clothes! Savanna LOVES her jumparoo and playmat, she also has this snail that rolls and she likes that. We have Sophie the Giraffe but shes not really interested. Have you been sitting the little man in carts yet? Or just keeping him in the carseat? I know it sounds weird but I'm not sure when they are big enough to sit in the stroller or cart without being in the carseat!

  3. You have such a cute family! I love the name Miller! I always think little boys look so funny in their christening gowns. It makes them look like a girl!

  4. I re-found your blog through your comment... I actually followed your pregnancy since we were due right around the same time :) So jealous that your back into all of your clothes... I have a bit more work to do! I just found that workout that you have been doing and I've decided to add that to my morning routine. Baby steps!

  5. SUCH a cutie. We do a bottle of formula + I nurse before bedtime for our 3.5 month old and that does help him sleep better too at night.

  6. I think Ronan is on the same growing schedule at Miller!

    That sucks about your supply, I'm sure I would be really stressed about it too! It would be very frusterating because it seems like you are doing everything right. I felt that way when I got mastitis, it was so painful and nothing seemed to get rid of it. And the stress definitely doesn't help.

    Miller is so cute!!! And you are looking great too momma! No one would guess you aren't sleeping :)


  7. He is such a doll! You are doing great! GO MAMA!!

  8. I know that this is not the popular thing to do, but Trace started sleeping on his stomach at 11 weeks old and has slept through the night consistently since then. I've told his pediatrician this and she didn't seem to mind, being that we have a breathing monitor and a breathable mesh crib bumper. The transition onto his stomach worried me to death, but after a couple days he really took to it and thrived. I think he finds it more cozy AND if he needs to spit-up he can. No biggy! Sleep is SUCH a big deal for us parents, lol, that I really hope things start getting better so.

    And I hear you on the whole breastfeeding thing -- Giiiiiirl, it stressed me out, caused me so much anxiety and made me so incredibly sad when my supply vanished. I shed some serious tears. I know formula is perfectly fine, so I'm not sure why I was so emotional. Haha!!

  9. Noticed Kate's comment and my mom's advice for baby's who don't sleep is always to put them on their stomach! My sister did it with both boys and my friends have tried as well and the sleeping got better with all of them!

    Love how moms always have put the breastfeeding disclaimer since its so controversial!

    He is sooo cute! You can tell he is a happy baby!

  10. He gets more and more adorable all the time! Congrats on only being 2 lbs away - that's great!

    I feel you on the breastfeeding issue. No problems at all with A but I really struggled with G and completely stressed myself out which only made things worse! It took a whole mess of guilty feelings but I finally gave in to formula and she thrived. We can only do what our bodies allow - try not to be too hard on yourself!

  11. Ahhh so cute!! Love that little guy!

  12. Oh my gosh he is precious! And good for you for getting back into all of those pre-pregnancy clothes! That's awesome!!

  13. I breastfeed Hunter for a year but I also had to supplement the whole time because my supply couldn't keep up with his demand. I had wished he could have been exclusively breastfed but it was more important to me that he was full and happy so don't feel bad at all about supplementing or even just giving formula. You've done great so far and he is obviously very healthy and happy.

  14. How did he get so big so fast?! He's a doll! Love him.

  15. Oh my goodness, he is SO CUTE! The time flies by too quickly :(


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