Five on Friday

It seems I can only get my act together on Fridays.... and it still takes me half the day

1. New Blog Look 
I had the talented Shannon at Shannan Page Design spruce up my blog for me.  I was feeling white, pink and gold.  I needed some girly-ness in my life.

2. Baby Weight and Working out
I am 2lbs shy of my pre-baby weight.  To be honest I have done nothing to lose those 38lbs  BUT before you want to punch me in the face let me tell you 2 things 1. NONE of my pants fit and 2. I was about 5lbs heavier than I wanted to be when I got pregnant.   I can get my pants on but I can't even dream about buttoning them.  I gain most of my weight in my thighs/back side and I usually keep it in check by exercising- I cannot diet, I'm awful at it and then I end up binge eating.  So I try to make up for my eating habits with exercise.   Since it's been a full year since I did any form of exercise I decided it was time to start working out again.     
I pinned this workout below and today was the first day I tried it. 
It's a great workout but after I repeated it twice I was dyinggggggg!  I decided for my first time just to do it twice and then work up to 3 times.  I'm hoping to do this on Mon, Wed, and Fri.  then walking or running on the other days depending on my schedule. 
Does anyone have any good at home exercises?  

3. Talenti Sea Salt Caramel
This stuff is amazing! I've seen everyone posting pictures of it on instagram, blogs, facebook, etc so I decided to give it a try and oh my yum.   Everyone was right. It is to die for.  I cannot wait to try more flavors.  (as you can see this is why my pants don't fit)

4. This Quote
So true and easy to forget with all the social media out there.

5. My Little Family
 It was a year ago last week that we found out that we had been picked for a puppy and that we were having a baby.  It's amazing how much life has changed in just one short year.   I feel grateful and beyond blessed for our little family. 



  1. love that 20 minute workout! Although I think it would take me longer... I need more breaks! your fam is too cute at the pumpkin patch!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Such a good family pic. The new design is perfect! Love the pink and the glitter. Good for you on the weight loss!! Get it girl.

  3. I want to eat your blogpost! ha! caramel sea salt heaven! LOVE your heading!!

  4. Love the ice cream!!! So good! And your family pic is adorable!!!

  5. I have to go to the gym, I am not motivated to work out at home. Adorable family picture.

  6. I love the new blog look, funny. I was searching for some new blog updates today! I need a new design..I just get bored with mine so easily!

  7. Congrats for being so close to your pre-pregnancy weight! I hear your body just changes after a baby so maybe that's why your pants don't fit the same? I'm not looking forward to seeing how my body changes...I'm dying to buy normal clothes but I keep telling myself to wait until after the baby is out so I can see what my body is like.

    I used to do Jillian Michaels DVDs at home all the time and they are GREAT workouts! I recommend getting on Amazon and ordering some because working out at home can be so convenient and you can get a worthwhile workout.

  8. Precious family!!! I know all too well the I'm back to my fighting weight but everything is too tight dilemma. Everything changes after having a baby. Everything!

  9. I love your blog! Do you have any advice for a new blogger trying to get followers?

  10. love the new blog look! touche on the weight loss - you look amazing. and oh my god that gelato is the absolute best - it is insane! happy weekend!


  11. Love the new look! I have no advice on workouts...I fail at those! And that gelato is the BEST. I found a knock off at Wegmans that I'll be trying - hoping that one is good too!

  12. The new blog layout is so crisp and feminine, lovely!

  13. I just can't get over that family picture - SO CUTE!!! And love the new blog design! :)


  14. Talenti is crack. I can polish one of those off in record time!


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