Five on Friday

I'm back with more things I've loving this Friday...

1. Scandal

O.M.G. For the past week I have been binge watching Scandal.  All these people kept raving about it to me so I pulled up my Netflix to give it a try and now I'm hooked!! I don't know if it's all the crazy underground political scandals, the torrid love affair between Fitz and Olivia, the awesomeness of Olivia Pope and Assoc, or just the amazing wardrobe that Kerry Washington gets to wear as Olivia Pope.   Either way I am totally hooked and about the start the new season!
Anyone else a scandal fan?

2. Fisher Price Rainforest Activity Mat 

This has been my lifesaver lately!! Miller LOVES this thing and just screams and coos while he's in it.  This can buy me about 20 minutes of free time to do things like make breakfast and run to the bathroom. 

3. Target Cartwheel App

I want to hate this app because it makes me sign in via Facebook which is super annoying and I don't need Facebook to know what I'm buying and where I'm shopping but I digress. The app is right on your smartphone and you just add the coupons/sales you want to take advantage of and then the cashier will scan the bar code on your phone.  It's so easy to use and coupled up with the RedCard makes shopping at Target even better for me.  I've managed to save some money using it- nothing crazy but every little $5-$10 savings on boring stuff like toilet paper and soap gives me more money in my clothes/shoes/handbag shopping budget. 

4. Gray Kitchen Cabinets
I think I've mentioned before that we are having our kitchen remodeled.  Well we met with the designer last week and every since then the wheels in my head have been spinning. 
I am really obsessed with gray kitchen cabinets instead of white (which I originally wanted) and here are some inspiration photos.


What do you all think?  Do you think gray cabinets are too trendy?  What wall color would you use with them?

5. Olivia Palermo
I'm pretty sure I've talked about my love of her fashion before but I would just love to raid her closet.  I mean I don't have anywhere awesome to wear half the outfits she puts together but still she always looks so effortlessly chic.



  1. I love Olivia. She is always so put together in the same outfits I look frumpy in :)

  2. I love the grey cabinets and don't think they are too trendy. I'd do a cream or light tan wall color. I love OP as well and while she has killer style, I'm really obsessed with her hair and skinny legs!! How do I get legs like that?! Have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE Scandal, it's my favorite show. OBSESSED! I like the grey cabinets but I do think it's a trend that won't last through the year and any reselling value later on.

  4. Olivia Palermo is so perfect that I cannot even look at her. Like, seriously? How is one born like that??

    And, on other topics - I love the gray cabinets. They are super chic and unique - I'd go for it!

  5. Gray is great. My mom actually just did a greenish gray. Everyone loves them.

  6. Love the Cartwell app. I like to pair the savings on there with my Target and manufacturer coupons for even more savings.

  7. Haven't even heard of that show that's how out of the loop I am now that I have a baby. I'm lucky if I have time to sit down and watch Sleepy Hollow which I DVR! I really love the grey cabinets!

  8. OMG my two favorite Olivias - Pope and Palermo! Obsessed with BOTH!

  9. I watched Scandal for that mini-season when it first came out and didn't love it so I stopped. Everyone raves about it so now I feel like I should give it another try.

    Cartwheel is great! Saving even just 5% on Diet Coke and diapers is awesome but i've scored some good deals.

    I LOVE the grey cabinets. We're painting ours white as we speak (well, the contractor is) but I'd have considered gray if our granite didn't have so much brown in it. I just didn't think it would go with grey and new granite isn't an option. I think grey is trendy right now but I don't know that you'd grow tired of it any faster than you would white.

  10. I really hope you go with gray cabinets so I can live vicariously through you! Ours are dark wood and it doesn't make sense for us to re-do them but my next house WILL have light painted cabinets! :)

  11. eeee! we are about to do gray cabinets too!!! i was thinking white too but our contractor talked me out of it and into gray! so excited to see how your turn out! YAYAY!


  12. I have heard SO many people talk about this Cartwheel app! I think I will have to download it now.

    Also, I love gray cabinets. I actually saw an ad the other day for a beautiful gray kitchen. I think the wall color definitely decides on the color of the countertop and the backsplash. I personally would like a darker countertop and a lighter backsplash/wall color. I could go on for days!

    -Christina Theresa

  13. I have a serious love affair with OP. Love her clothes. Wish I could look like her and pull them off, but I'd settle for raiding her closet! That girl oozes style. I mean, does she ever get it wrong?

  14. Ooooh I have been needing a new show to watch!! I will definitely be checking out Scandal asap!
    And Mia always loved her play mat! They are the best :)

  15. looove olivia palermo and LOVE the grey cabinets! Go for it girl! They look super chic!

  16. OP is basically my fashion icon. LOVE her style, you are so right when you describe it as effortless :) Also side note - love your header! So nautical and pretty.

    Currently Coveting

  17. I just watched all of Scandal in the past month (probably closer to 2 or 3 weeks. HA). I hadn't watched it when it first aired because I was convinced it would be canceled (mid season drama and I have the worst luck choosing new shows that end up getting canceled). I LOVE it! So glad I finally watched

    I have that Target app but both times I've tried to use it it won't load. Maybe bad cell service at my Target?

  18. I seriously love Scandal. I could watch it over and over and at the end of each episode I can never wait till the next week! I think you should totally go for those gray cabinets and the white tile!

  19. We never really got into "Scandal" but man do we love "The Blacklist"! have you watched it yet? DC feel and super clever!

  20. That Fisher Price activity mat brings back such sweet memories!! My little guy loved the orange monkey and I carried him around for years, still have him (6 years later)..
    LOVE gray cabinets, redoing our bathroom right now and painting cabs gray.
    OP is so chic, love her style.
    Fun post!

  21. Scandal is the greatest television show ever - I honestly think I like it more than Homeland and anything!


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