Random Tuesday Brain Dump

- I wish all weekends were 3 days long.  Even though I had to work a little it was still nice to be in the "weekend mindset" for 3 days.

- I had my 36 week appointment today.  Not dilated at all.  That was not something I wanted to hear.  My doctor assured me not to worry that some women can walk around for weeks 2-3cm dilated and not deliver and some women won't be dilated at all and will just suddenly go into labor.  I know I shouldn't worry but I was just hoping for a little something.   Time for more walking and labor inducing google searches.

- My doctor also will not induce a healthy first time mom until you are 2 weeks over due because of the c-section rate at my hospital. (Which is 50% for first time moms that are induced prior to 42 weeks)  That puts me into July.   Baby Boy better make his appearance before July or I'm not sure what I'll do. 

-We ordered a new outdoor dining set for our deck, pictured below.  We got it from Home Depot and I can't wait for it to get here.  We've been grilling so much since we bought our new grill last month it will be nice to have a place to eat outside. 

- I cannot wait to wear non maternity clothes.  All of the sales over the weekend completely killled me.  I wanted shop the J.Crew Factory 50% off but I just can't justify buying anything when I have no idea what size I'll be or what I will want to wear.

- We finally picked a name for Baby Boy. We've had it picked for awhile but I think we were both scared to say it was 100% for sure.   So I went and ordered something monogrammed.  Now there is not looking back.  I promise to share soon. 

- Sometimes I don't want to talk about my pregnancy, babies, nurseries, baby clothes, etc but I feel like it's all anyone wants to talk to me about.    I'm scared of losing my identity to being a Mom. 

- I missed the Bachelorette last night, I forgot it was Monday. My husband doesn't think Desiree is pretty.  I think he's crazy.   Did I miss anything good?  Is it worth watching this season?

-Have you all seen Newlyweds: The First Year on Bravo??  I watched way too much of it this weekend. Like all Bravo shows it's awful and amazing at the same time.  Blair is hands down my favorite.  If you haven't seen it you must.

- I think nesting has finally started for me.  It only took all my pregnancy but I've had a crazy bust of energy lately and all I want to do is clean and organize.   I feel this crazy need to just have everything cleaned out and ready.  I hope this feeling lasts for awhile because I have a lot of crap to get through. 


  1. Definitely watch The Bachelorette. It's the same drama filled ridiculousness as usual. I always vow not to watch, but get sucked in every season. Hope you don't have to go over your due date. That sucks real bad. The last few weeks are the worst. Hang in there!!!!

  2. My doctor was willing to induce me at 39 weeks but that was because I was already measuring 40 week and I was due the day after Christmas so he gave me the option to have the baby beforehand to be home for the holidays. I waited and got induced 4 days late. I can't imagine going to 42 weeks.

  3. Walk, walk, walk and sex! I know it's like the last thing on your mind, (what 36 week pregnant woman feels sexy!?) but it works. Don't do castor oil! Hang in there and let your body work, believe me you want to avoid a C-section at all costs! Can't wait to hear baby boys name!!

  4. I was dilated to 3cm for 1 month!! And then had an induction!!

  5. Love the new patio set!

    It's so strange to me how some doctors seem to induce any time a patient asks and some are against it. My doctors weren't willing to induce until after 41weeks even though I was showing absolutely no progress. I was induced at 41w3d and Blaire was born at 41w5d. In the end, it was for the best because our air broke when I was 40 weeks. If we'd have had a newborn in the house in August when it was 95 degrees, we'd have been in trouble! I hope induction becomes a non-issue for you and you deliver on time. Can't wait to hear his name!

  6. newlyweds is so good and so bad. blair is definitely the best! i fast forward through a lot of the other people, which I normally never do with bravo, which is really saying something. the outdoor table is amazing - love it. I watched the bachelorette.... as usual, first episode is pretty boring. I think a lot of most of the season will be, but the boys always make themselves look like such idiots so I enjoy it, and I actually somehow know one of the guy so I have to watch. I kind of agree with your husband - I think she is really pretty, but I'm not crazy about her like I was for Emily Maynard you know? I couldn't wait to watch Emily's season and this season Im like...ehhh. She seems nice and normal though. And I had no idea you want to walk around dilated? This is all news to me haha!


  7. I love your brain dump :) Here's hoping baby comes soon!!


  8. That is so funny about your husband and "Dez!" My hubby said "she looks and talks like a mouse!" I do not agree!

    Sweet baby boy! He will be here soon!!!

  9. My hospital has a low c-section rate, too, but they know what's best and hopefully your baby boy will come before July! I'm sure he will! :)


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