36 Weeks!

How Far Along:  
  36 weeks 3 days- less than 4 weeks or 25 days!
Baby Size:  
According to What to Expect: Watermelon- approx 19-22 in long and around 6.5lbs 
I asked my doctor yesterday because everyone keeps telling me I'm having a 10lb baby- I think it's because both Kyle and I are tall.    She felt around my stomach (which was painful) and said he is definitely not big at all, at the most 7lbs or right under.  She didn't see me having a baby much over 8lbs if I go over due.   I know this is just an estimate but it makes me feel so much better.
Total weight gain/loss:  
Hanging on around 33lbs    
Still doing at least 2 miles of walking a day.  I swear this is the only reason I have any energy and haven't gained 50lbs.  
Maternity Clothes: 
Yes probably 90% of the time- I can still wear non maternity dresses and yoga pants 
Stretch Marks:
So far so good, I'm getting nervous for these last few weeks though
  Still not a fan at all.  My hips have been killing me this week, it's been awful.  I also get incredibly hot in the middle of the night and cannot cool down.  Not fun.  I cannot wait until I can sleep flat on my back or stomach again.     
Best Moment of the Week: 
Finally agreeing 100% on a name and sharing it with others! We were going to wait until he was born but just decided to share anyway when we saw our friends this weekend.
Miss Anything: 
 Just the usual: pre-baby body, alcohol, sleeping on my back, being comfortable, and raw tuna 
Yes lots of large movements- I think he's starting to run out of room in there 
Food Cravings: 
I still like hot and spicy but no crazy cravings
-Sore hips
-can't tie my shoes without sitting down
-getting hot easily
-a huge belly that gets in the way of everything 
-my belly has dropped
-my swelling has completely disappeared- I have no idea what I'm doing differently but I'll take it.
Anything making your queasy or sick: 
Nothing in particular but my heartburn is still going full force 
Have you started to show yet: 
Labor Signs: 
I think I had some braxton hicks contractions over the weekend but I'm not sure.  
Belly Button- In or Out?:
It's pretty much flattened out- I don't think it's going to pop out though 
Wedding Rings- On or Off?:
Happy or Moody?:
Happy! I have been feeling so good this past week.  I'm not sure what it is but I have had a crazy burst of energy and besides the big belly totally feel like myself.  I think it might be nesting kicking in because I have this crazy urge to clean and organize everything. 
Looking forward to:
  Newborn class this weekend- I'm really hoping that the class will be helpful and teach me some things I don't know and/or can't remember from my babysitting days. 


  1. You are in the home stretch mamma! Keep those feet up!

  2. Don't you get SO tired of all the pregnancy experts that can't help but keep their opinions to themself! That was my pet peeve. I was either too small in the beginning or really showing at the end. I mean hello, there is a baby in there I would think you would have a big baby bump!

  3. My doctors and nurses all thought Hunter would be over 8lbs whenever they felt my belly. Doesn't help that I'm short so I seemed so much bigger. I was scared he would be huge and he was born at 7lbs12oz 4 days past due so their estimates definitely aren't always accurate but I like that they are guessing on the lower side rather than bigger for you.

  4. You look good girl! And nothin' wrong with 10lb babies; I was one ;) Though I'm sure my mom will say something different haha!

  5. yay so soon!!!! I feel like you just announced it on your blog!


  6. Wow you look great! I'm trying to walk or do some sort of exercise every day too. Good job on keeping that up! Any stroller suggestions? What did you go with?

  7. Yay!!! So cute! Almost there! Rub that belly with cocoa butter!!!

  8. you look so fantastic lady!! hope he doesn't wait around too long to make his entrance =)

  9. You look so cute, as usual! It's getting soooo close!


  10. people should think before making the 10lb baby comments or the are you having twins!? Use your brain people, seriously!!! :) I've gotten these comments too and it kinda makes me nervous as well! Plus I have gestational diabetes which adds to the fear of having a huge baby

    You look fabulous!!! You are almost full term and you look like someone who is 8-9 months to me, and definitely not huge! I've seen WAAAAY bigger (hello Jessica Simpson!)

    YAY on the name!!! If you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine :) And I can keep a secret!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  11. You look so cute (as usual) :] One of my friends is having twins (but she hasnt told anyone its twins and she has gotten crazy big and everyone keeps telling her that her baby is going to be massive and that she needs to stop eating.... I cannot believe how mean people can be sometimes. xx

  12. Eeeek!! Less than a month to go! You are looking fantastic, hang in there these last few weeks, he'll be here before you know it.

  13. Wow you are almost there! Hang in there dear and you look fab!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. Not long now Momma..although I totally understand how long these weeks feel! My pregnancy flew by but those last weeks seemed to drag on forever! You look fantastic and as weird as it sounds.. when I went out for my first margarita last night I didn't even want it. I'm sure my love of margaritas will return shortly. At least I hope so..LOL

  15. I know I'm late in commenting, but you are so close to being done! Hooray :o) You look amazing!


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