Happy Weekend!

 Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  
We have friends coming into town to see the cherry blossoms in DC.  Let's hope this forecast of 73 degrees in DC on Sunday is true- because that would be amazing!
 Fingers crossed Spring is finally here!


  1. I just saw on the news last night that there were a bunch of late bloomers there. So pretty! We're waiting for spring to truly happen here, too! Your week looks more promising than mine, though!

  2. Have fun! I told Matt we should go see them this weekend but he claims they won't really be out yet.. I don't know what to do! lol

  3. So pretty! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends. It was supposed to be nice here this weekend, but now it's not looking too late :( I"m getting really tired of waiting for Spring to make it's appearance!

  4. love the Cherry Blossoms. How sad is it that I've never been to see them in person?! Enjoy the weekend girl! I know we will be!

  5. Enjoy your weekend!! I love cherry blossom season in DC. I spent my childhood in Richmond, so my parents took my brothers and I up to DC every spring to see the cherry blossoms. Hope the weather holds out for you! :)

  6. Have a great time! Love this time of year in MD/DC

  7. Have a great weekend! Love the cherry blossoms and LOVE that forecast!

  8. Hope you've had a great weekend; those cherry blossoms are gorgeous!!

    newest follower...you have such a cute blog! when I first read your "about me" I knew I'd be addicted..we pretty much love all the same things (especially mexican food and j.crew!). Can't wait to read more!


  9. Oh I love those Cherry Blossoms! So pretty!


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