Feeling Grateful

As I sat there last night watching the extensive coverage on the bombings at the Boston Marathon I couldn't help but start to feel grateful that I was lucky enough to be sitting safe in my house.  Not just safe in my house but safe in my house with my husband, puppy, and growing baby boy in my belly. 
It's time like these that I realize that I need to take more time every day to step back and say Thank You to God and really appreciate all the wonderful blessings I have in my life.   You life can change in an instant and you never really know when it could happen.

As a runner and someone who has completed a marathon I cannot even imagine what would go through someone's head to bomb the finish line.  A marathon is such a hard thing to accomplish that people spend months and years training for.  The feeling of having that moment when you finish taken away from you just makes me sick.

So all my prayers and thoughts go out to Boston, the victims, the runners, and all the runners around the world because I hope that this incident won't ruin the running community and future events like this one.   


  1. I'm completely shocked by it all. It's so sad and scary and I can't even begin to imagine how all of the runners and bystanders must be feeling :(

  2. I went for a run this morning and thought about it the whole way. So awful, but we will get through it just like 9/11.

  3. I agree girl... I need to be more thankful for my life and pray harder during these times. So sad :(


  4. I have never done a marathon but hope to once in my life. My heart breaks for the people in Boston, the runners, their families and our nation.


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