30 Weeks!

  If you're pregnant go buy this striped Gap tank top- it's seriously awesome
Find it here
How Far Along:  
  30 weeks- only 10 weeks to go! 
Baby Size:  
Head of Lettuce- Baby is approximately 18 inches long and weighs approx 3.1lbs 
Total weight gain/loss:  
Up about 3lbs from last week   
Walking 1-2 miles every day and then 3-5 miles on each weekend day.  Trying to lift weights (my arms) 2 times a week so those stay semi-toned 
Maternity Clothes: 
Yes pretty much all maternity clothes these days  
Stretch Marks:
No and hoping it stays that way! 
  Sleep is ok.  I've started having really vivid dreams about having the baby! In one dream I had him and they brought him to me dressed and in a car seat and told me his name was Mark. That's not even a name on our short list but I apparently didn't care!
 I think some anxiety might be setting in.:) Still getting up between 3am-5am to use the bathroom   
Best Moment of the Week: 
I've started going to 2 week appointments and I seem to be measuring a little ahead- I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.  All it makes me think is that I'm having a 10lb baby        
Miss Anything: 
  Just the usual: pre-baby body and an alcoholic beverage on a Friday night would be nice

Yes his movements are more big movements and the doctor told me she thinks it's his back that keeps poking out on me 
Food Cravings: 
Still craving sweets this week- I've been so bad lately! 
  Swollen feet- ugh. After a long walk or if I've been on my feet all day they will be swollen. It's mostly my left one. So I try to elevate and ice it if I can and it's usually back down by the morning
Anything making your queasy or sick: 
Not this week
Have you started to show yet: 
Labor Signs: 
Belly Button- In or Out?:
In but getting shallow
Wedding Rings- On or Off?:
Happy or Moody?:
Happy- feeling really good and so ready for June to be here! 
Looking forward to:
  My first baby shower is this weekend!! I am so excited- my mom and sister are hosting. I promise to take lots of pics to share next week. 


  1. You look amazing! All bump! So sorry your feet are swelling :( mine did too and I hated it. You're getting close though...savor these last few months of pregnancy, you really will miss it. And have a blast at your shower! I hope baby boy gets lots of goodies :)

  2. Can't wait to see pics! You look fantastic! That is a really cute top. Good job on the walking!!

  3. is it just me or is your pregnancy flying by!? you look great!

  4. 30 weeks already?!? I bet you go early:) hope your shower is wonderful!

  5. The next 10 weeks will fly, promise! Looking good lady!

  6. So funny about your dreams!! And you look so cute. You just keep getting cuter and cuter as that belly grows!


  7. You look great! I can't believe we are getting so close; I feel like time is speeding up right now! Wishing you a wonderful baby shower :o)

  8. So cute, Natalie! I'm not preggo and I want that top! LOVE!

  9. Ah! I can't wait for baby shower pictures! You and my sister in law are due the same week!

  10. You still look so fab! I'm getting so excited for you, mama!

  11. looking so good girlie!! and june is so close!! very excited for you :)


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