Baby Registry: Part 2

I'm back today with a few more items that we have on our baby registry.   Again most of these items come recommended to me by family, friends, and fellow bloggers. 

Everyone of my friends swears by their swing. The swear it is a life saver and their babies loved just sitting in my rocking back and forth watching what was going on.   I knew that I would definitely be adding one to my registry and the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing is the one that everyone suggested. I opted for the My Little Lamb edition because of the simple light colors so it will hopefully blend it better with my family room furniture.  

My SIL swears by the bouncer for her kids when they are newborns.  She even said that both of them slept it in at one point or another at night because it was the only thing that would work.  I obviously don't know if this will work for the little guy but I'm up for trying any soothing techniques in the beginning.   I went with the My Little Lamb edition to match the swing that I registered for and because again the FP brand comes highly recommended. 

This is another product that comes highly recommended to me.  I have heard mixed reviews from people about the Bumbo seat but I believe that if used properly (ie once baby can hold up their head) then it can be the perfect little seat.  My SIL used to sit my 5 month old niece by us at the pool so she could see all the action without being in or near the water.  

This is one of those products that totally slipped my mine when I was first working on my registry.  It was after having lunch with one of my pregnant friends that I realized oh my gosh I'm going to need somewhere to put dirty diapers! Let's be honest no one wants those in a regular trash can.   My friend had tried numerous diaper trash cans with her 9 month old and said that this was hands down the best one, so it immediately when on my registry. 

Did any of you use these with your babies?  Good, bad, any advice?  Any other pregnant girls register for these items?    

I love hearing all your recommendations!



  1. The swing was the best purchase ever for our house. SS loved it and spent many a nap there. Make sure the swing you registered for has a plug in option. The battery only swings burn through batteries pretty quickly!! And it was SUCK to run out of juice with a screamy baby!!!!
    Hope you had a good weekend.

  2. The bouncer and swing were life savers with both my babies. They basically lived in them for the first 3 months! I have a diaper genie but I actually prefer the diaper champ or something different because you kind of have to stick your hand into the diaper genie and you can get diaper overflow (i.e. poop) on you. Have you added any Aden and Anais burpy bibs? They are amazing as burp cloths and then bibs later!

  3. Currently using all of the above except the bouncer- I'm debating if I should get one for night time sleeping! You will love the swing and the diaper genie works like a charm.

  4. That swing saved our life. I can't even tell you how many hundreds of hours Mac spent sleeping in that damn swing (or how many hundreds of dollars we spent on batteries for the stupid swing). My only suggestion would be to find one that plugs in. You will NOT regret it. I promise it's worth it. One middle of the night freak out because you ran out of batteries and the baby won't sleep and someone has to run to the gas station down the road at 3am and you'll be thanking me. :)

  5. I agree with everyone else - the swing is a lifesaver! We have that exact swing and LOVED it. Plugs in, pretty quiet, and was the only place Blaire napped (other than in my arms) for three months.

    We have that bouncer and didn't use it much. It doesn't bounce or rock, only vibrates and Blaire did not like it. Her daycare class had this one, which rocks and vibrates, and she LOVED it. I've heard it's a big hit with babies: http://www.fisher-price.com/en_US/brands/babygear/products/55330 (it's a little bright/busy for my taste but it's funny how quickly you quit caring about that stuff - after a bit, you'd buy anything they like, no matter how ugly!) The bumbo didn't get much use in our house either because B wasn't a fan.

    I don't have any experience with the Diaper Genie but we have the Arm & Hammer version and it's worked great. Easy to change, contains the smell.

  6. I love the bumbo! I can't believe people put them on tables, couches, etc.

    Even if your baby doesn't LOVE the swing or bouncer, I think it's important to have options for when you need to be hands free (use the bathroom, shower, cook, etc). Even just 10-15 minutes will be helpful!

  7. I LOVE the bumbo seat in aqua and all the little lamb stuff. Just adorable! Have you seen it in person? It's sooo soft! I went with the Diaper Dekor Plus. and just for the record, Nick LOVED his swing, LOVED IT! When he was an infant, right up until about 9 months old it was all we could use to get him to sleep..and the rock n play is especially helpful. It was actually ALL my niece would sleep in. Great for those late nights to put beside the bed when your too tired to make the trip down the hall to put baby in the crib. TRUST ME you will have those nights!


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