2013, Already?!

Happy New Year! Can you all believe it's 2013?  I know I sure can't!  It was so nice to take to the past 11 days off work and blogging and just enjoy the holiday and my husband being home. 

Christmas always goes by so fast and there is so much hype surrounding parties and shopping leading up to the day that by the time it gets here I'm exhausted and over it.  I decided this year to try my best to enjoy the day of and week after and just relax.   It was so nice. I am not happy to be back to reality today. 

Here are some pics:
 Me and Kyle on Christmas Eve 

 My parents gorgeous tree

Layla with her Christmas bow

My cousin's fiance makes the BEST Christmas dessert- its a peppermint cheesecake layer cake- so its basically peppermint cheesecake layered with white cake- I think it's 5 or 6 layers total- YUM!

Baby H got their first gift from my sweet sister in law 

Being pregnant kind of puts a damper on the whole partying on NYE so Kyle and I opted to go to dinner at a local bar so he could watch football and drink beer - and then just watch Carson Daly's NYE.  
Well I will admit to you all that I fell asleep  at 10:30 and woke up again at 12:05am and realized I missed it all!!!  I'm pretty sure this is the first time I didn't stay up until midnight since I was about 12. 
  Here is my NYE outfit and my 15 week baby bump! It's not a lot but there is definitely something there 

Pajamas and sparkling cider on NYE after dinner 

On new years day I finally made these mini cinnamon rolls I've seen floating around blogs and pinterest. OMG so good and addicting.  You can find the recipe here

Did you all have a good Christmas and New Year's?!



  1. We should've hung out NYE! haha! I managed to stay awake but only because I was with a bunch of family and we promptly headed to bed at 12:01. That cheesecake looks divine!

  2. Your little baby bump is so cute! I agree it was so nice to have all those days off. I don't want to be back at work today! :( Glad you had a relaxing vacation!


  3. Congrats on your pregnancy! Your little bump is so cute!

  4. I think your New Years sounds great! I am sure you were a lot more productive yesterday than I was!

  5. Look at your cute baby bump!! Adorable!

    We stayed home, made a fancy dinner, drank champagne, and played board games with friends for NYE. Even though it was a laid back NYE, I still wasn't able to escape the New Years Day hangover -- oof!

  6. Your baby bump is so cute! And I totally slept through new years three years ago. I was 21. I have no excuses. And your parents' tree looks like it fell out of a catalog. I love it!

  7. Aww... the baby bump. I'm so happy for y'all.


  8. If it makes you feel better, I'm not pregnant (at least I don't think I am) and I didn't drink either!

  9. That tree and cake both look so great!!! Yay for a baby bump!

  10. You are so stinkin' cute, Natalie!!! I die over that sweet little bump!!!!

  11. happy new year! you are seriously glowing in that photo...pregnancy looks good on you :)

    a peek of chic

  12. Oh my gosh that peppermint cake looks incredible! And you are too cute with your little bump!


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