Meet our new addition


She's a mini goldendoodle- a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle.  Right now she's only 8 weeks old and weighs 5lbs but should be between 20-30lbs when she is full grown.  We drove 2.5 hours to West Virginia to pick her up on Saturday and she's has totally won us over.  

Adjusting to life with a puppy hasn't been too hard- despite barely sleeping the first night- and after less than 48 hours with us she is already testing the limits, but she's sooo cute it's hard to turn her down.  

We said we weren't going to allow her on the bed... you can see that lasted long



Friday's Fanices: Celebration

This weeks Friday's Fancies is all about celebrating!! I knew that I was going to base my outfit off this Milly dress below:

Here is how I would style it:


I already have a few holiday parties in the works and while I probably can't splurge for the Milly dress I'm hoping I can find something similar that fits the bill.

Do you have any upcoming celebrations that you need to dress up for? 



I Need This...

Ice cream sandwich iPhone 4 case
Found here


Maryland Renaissance Festival

Every year in Crownsville, Maryland the Maryland Renaissance Festival comes alive from the last week of August through the third week of October.  I used to go all the time as a kid and then me and Kyle first went together in 2003 with his fraternity- so it's always a fun place to visit and remember those first few months of dating!

It is a sixteenth century village that comes alive and brings out all different characters from all over the place.  Some people, like myself, usually go for the good beer, delicious food, fun games, and amazing people watching. There are also really amazing homemade items available for sale.  Some people come dressed in full character and costume and take this event very seriously, which is what makes the amazing people watching.

Here is the village when you first walk in, it's really crowded so it's hard to get a good shot:

My first costume sighting:

 This bee hive was in front of a fresh honey store, it was so fun to watch I think we just stared for about 5 minutes- now I want to go bee keeping:
There were a lot of bees swarming but they were friendly and didn't sting 

Kyle kept having us stop to watch shows but I wasn't really paying attention to them: 

Here's another one: 
A lot of work goes into this event every year it's quite amazing. 

My favorite costume sighting, hands down: 
It's like Zorro meets Renn Fest 
I didn't get to see the front but Kyle said there was some seriously inappropriate bulging if you know what I mean

Here are some of the food options:

My choice of the day: Funnel Cake Fries 
 So good!

Those are real swords for sale- kind of made me nervous! 

If you need an outfit you can always purchase one 

or a tail, if that's more your style

Here's to another year at Renn Fest! 
I forced Kyle to do this and he's only smiling because a stranger is taking our photo and he left a creepy hand out the side #fail


Friday's Fancies: Costume Prep

I'm not going to lie, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, it still beats Thanksgiving, but again I'm not a huge fan.  After about age 13 I'm pretty sure I stopped dressing up for Halloween until I went to college- where Halloween party cannot be avoided. Post college I think I've dressed up 3 times.

So in honor of this black and orange holiday I am opting for something I would wear if I were headed to a Halloween cocktail party.

I first got inspired by this Lanvin dress on Gwyneth Paltrow- one of my fashion faves:

Here is how I would style it:

Costume Prep

Since there was once I time that I did enjoy dressing up I leave you with a pic of my favorite costume ever:

Halloween 2005: Pregnant Britney Spears

You can't see it but I am wearing Uggs and I had a Starbucks cup and an empty bag of Doritos I carried around all night. 


Saks Friends and Family Sale!

Friends & Family 

15% off jewelry

Designer Exclusions Apply**

Online only: October 16 - 17
Online and in Stores: October 18 - 21
Use code: FRNFAM2 at checkout. 
I wait for this twice a year event every spring and fall! Saks is probably my favorite department store and I try to scoop up at least one good item during the Friends and Family Sale in the fall.  
Here are some pieces I have my eye on: 

 Are any of you taking advantage of the sale?  Do you have  your eye on anything good?  


Monday Morning Inspiration

Never Give Up.


Friday's Fancies: Leaf Love

TGIF!! I'm so happy the weekend is here- for the first time in weeks we don't have anything planned, which is how I like my weekends!

So I'm back with another Friday's Fancies and this time we are all about Fall! 

Unlike my last 2 Friday's Fancies this is a completely realistic outfit that I would wear to go to a pumpkin patch, a tailgate, a haunted hay ride, or any other fall type activity!

Friday's Fancies: Leaf Love

Nothing beats a J.Crew Perfect Check shirt in that great orange color, paired with a pair of J.Brand skinnies and Loeffler Randall classic boots
I would accesorize with the oldie but goodie gold Micheal Kors watch, my go to earring: Pearls, my favorite LV bag, and my new favorite sunglasses Ray Ban Aviators. 

What would your perfect fall outfit be? 



Wishlist Wednesday

This Coat:

  Dublin Green

 Retro Orange

Vintage Berry 

So what color would you get it in? 


Revenge Season 2: Episode 2

Looks like the Bitch is Back! 

Warning: Spoilers below! 

You all I don't even know where to start.  OMG! WTF! Where on earth is this season going?!

So let's review:
 - I felt like I had no idea what Emily's game plan was for this episode- I'm thinking that she planned to spring Charlotte and work back into the Grayson's that way but Victoria totally ruined that
- Daniel clearly still has feelings for Emily after that phone call- I can't believe how in the dark he was during this whole episode
- Ashley is definitely working on the inside with Conrad - I'm interested to see just how deep their relationship is and what is going to happen now that the Bitch is back
- I liked Daniel's outburst in Grayson Global- I'm interested to see where his allegiance is this season
- Did I recognize someone in that board room that works with Takeda??
- Are we ever going to find out what Takeda's role is?
- What is Declan doing?? I feel like they are just trying to give him a story line.  Put him back together with Charlotte then he'll be part of the show (Does anyone else have a hard time not seeing him as Eric from Gossip Girl?!)
 - Victoria and Conrad turned on the White haired man and conspired to fake her kidnapping and beating and planned to pin it on him?!?!  Wow.  I mean this is not the way I saw her return going but the minture she found out that Conrad had taken Charlotte's inheritance she knew she had to get back to society and her money.  She loves her money and scheming with or against Conrad even more.

- Jack is mopey and annoying about the baby.  I still hate his character and I want to cut his hair. 
- So the baby really is Jack's but Emily told Amanda that the baby isn't  Jack's.  I I'm not sure what the intentions are- I guess she can always hold it over her head and maybe use it to make her disappear again?
- We got to see a glimpse of NolCorp which I enjoyed- I will say I was annoyed that Nolan wasn't keeping watch on the clam cam but it's good to see him having some of his own life outside of Emily and her crazy Revengda
- The WHM came to tell Emily her mother was alive and then kill her- I want to know why he didn't kill her mother and what his deal is with this- does he still talk to her? Is she really crazy?
-Aiden saved the day- but is the WHM alive or dead? What exactly is this guys role? Is he a future love interest for Emily?

 How is Emily going to handle the bitch being back?  How will Victoria handle Emily since she knows the "secret"?  What will Daniel do when he finds out the truth?  Who is this new girl in Nolan's life?  What is Aiden's role going to be?   What is the fate of the WHM?

So what did you think??

Next Weeks Promo:

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