Friday's Fancies: Costume Prep

I'm not going to lie, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, it still beats Thanksgiving, but again I'm not a huge fan.  After about age 13 I'm pretty sure I stopped dressing up for Halloween until I went to college- where Halloween party cannot be avoided. Post college I think I've dressed up 3 times.

So in honor of this black and orange holiday I am opting for something I would wear if I were headed to a Halloween cocktail party.

I first got inspired by this Lanvin dress on Gwyneth Paltrow- one of my fashion faves:

Here is how I would style it:

Costume Prep

Since there was once I time that I did enjoy dressing up I leave you with a pic of my favorite costume ever:

Halloween 2005: Pregnant Britney Spears

You can't see it but I am wearing Uggs and I had a Starbucks cup and an empty bag of Doritos I carried around all night. 


  1. Growing up my parents said Halloween was the "devil's holiday" so we never celebrated it. My siblings and I just wanted candy! LOL Needless to say, I don't dress up or anything now. (Except enjoy candy) Love the outfit you put together - the dress is amazing!!


  2. I am not a huge fan either. If I have to dress up I have the same costume that ha been in rotation since 2011. I usually wear it just because I get happy it still fits :)

  3. just tell everyone you're gweneth for halloween :)

    xoxo Shauna


  4. Great idea for the Halloween cocktail party! Maybe someone should host one of those so I can buy a cute new dress!

  5. I've also gone down the halloween cocktail party route :) love this dress!

  6. I love the pregnant britney idea!!

  7. Love the Britney costume! I'm trying to think of something easy like that for this year. I hate dressing up. I wait to the last minute every year!

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  9. I loved this attire. It’s really gorgeous. I will be going to my friend’s Halloween party at one of venues in Chicago and just looking for a dress for the day. Will look for a reputed store where can have lovely dress in budget. Hope will soon get amazing dress soon.


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