Maryland Renaissance Festival

Every year in Crownsville, Maryland the Maryland Renaissance Festival comes alive from the last week of August through the third week of October.  I used to go all the time as a kid and then me and Kyle first went together in 2003 with his fraternity- so it's always a fun place to visit and remember those first few months of dating!

It is a sixteenth century village that comes alive and brings out all different characters from all over the place.  Some people, like myself, usually go for the good beer, delicious food, fun games, and amazing people watching. There are also really amazing homemade items available for sale.  Some people come dressed in full character and costume and take this event very seriously, which is what makes the amazing people watching.

Here is the village when you first walk in, it's really crowded so it's hard to get a good shot:

My first costume sighting:

 This bee hive was in front of a fresh honey store, it was so fun to watch I think we just stared for about 5 minutes- now I want to go bee keeping:
There were a lot of bees swarming but they were friendly and didn't sting 

Kyle kept having us stop to watch shows but I wasn't really paying attention to them: 

Here's another one: 
A lot of work goes into this event every year it's quite amazing. 

My favorite costume sighting, hands down: 
It's like Zorro meets Renn Fest 
I didn't get to see the front but Kyle said there was some seriously inappropriate bulging if you know what I mean

Here are some of the food options:

My choice of the day: Funnel Cake Fries 
 So good!

Those are real swords for sale- kind of made me nervous! 

If you need an outfit you can always purchase one 

or a tail, if that's more your style

Here's to another year at Renn Fest! 
I forced Kyle to do this and he's only smiling because a stranger is taking our photo and he left a creepy hand out the side #fail


  1. There are always such characters at RenFest. One of the fraternity's at MD had their dated party there. I went a couple of years. Lots of Meade!

  2. what a fun fall weekend! those funnel cake fries look amazing. and cute pic of you and your husband :)


  3. So fun! Aren't Renaissance Festivals the best? The people are just absolutely unreal. And the turkey legs...please tell me you got a giant turkey leg!


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