Weekend Recap

**Thank you all for all the shoe advice!! I ended up changing my whole outfit at the last minute but I always appreciate all the blog love and feedback whenever I need advice  :)

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Why do they always go by so fast?

Friday my sis and her husband joined us for Mexican food at our favorite local restaurant.

 A jumbo marg after a long week
Chips and salsa doesn't last very long at our table, does this happen to anyone else?

So as I said before I had a last minute wardrobe change on Saturday.  After trying the dress on for K, my sis and bro in law we decided  that my outfit seemed more bachelorette party than Georgetown MBA formal so I settled for this oldie but goodie J.Crew dress from 2008 

It was a more conservative choice but I'm glad I went with it considering there were girls in floor length dresses. I paired it with the nude heels I just bought and they were perfect. 

The prom was at the Mayflower hotel. It was my first time inside and it is so gorgeous, the detail inside is amazing. (but the whole time I was there all I could think about was the Elliott Spitzer escort scandal, anyone else remember that or was that more of a DC thing?!)

 A little pre prom Champagne

Yesterday we celebrated early Easter with my family since I'll be with my in laws next weekend so I had to make the annual bunny cake. I'm awful at icing so I just do the important parts like the top and I skip the sides :)



  1. Love this dress, too! Glad you had a great weekend...I want some chips and salsa now :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that margarita is calling my name! I can't wait to have my first real drink once this baby is out and sleeping! :) Wow, that makes me sound pretty bad, huh? Love your green dress - it's gorgeous! You look great in that color.

  3. That bunny cake is too cute!

  4. Wow, love that dress! That is the perfect shade of green :)

  5. I just found your blog and I that jumbo marg looks so yummy. Oh yea, I love the green dress on you. It's such a perfect shade for spring and perfect with your blond hair. You look really pretty!!

    Following you now

  6. So fun!! Looks like a great time; love your pretty green dress and that cake is adorable!!

  7. The dress is beautiful! Love the color! I wish my MBA program had had prom...lots of friends' schools (med, law, MBA) did and I was so jealous! Oh and the cake is super cute!

  8. Gorgeous dress.... and are you serious... you can make a cake like that?! That's so fun - such a great tradition. :)

  9. Love that dress. I remember it and wanted it so badly back in 2008! The color is perfect on you and with the nude shoes, you looked amazing.


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