Happy Hump Day/Leap Year

First I would like to apologize for the 3 random posts that may have fed to your google reader yesterday.  I was attempting to teach my co-worker what Polyvore was and how to use it and I didn't know it was still linked to my blog... whoops!

It is rainy, cold, and gross here today- not very fun for a Wednesday. Since I'm ready for warmer weather and sunny skies here are some fun things I've been pinning lately.  Who doesn't love a few giggles and pretty pictures on a Wednesday!



So my husband went on a business trip

and I did this...

(old picture when we first moved in- but you get the idea)

More details to come later! 

For the originial post on the kitchen re-do ideas and inspiration click here 



Best and Worst: Academy Awards

Best: (in no particular order)

I just wasn't feeling this and was waiting for a nip slip all night
I was so sad with her choice especially after last year! The polka dots just felt juvenile and not Oscar worthy
I would have loved this but I didn't like the top.  It made her look like she has saggy boobs
I like the dress but I felt like it didn't fit her properly and just did not flatter her figure!

Now on to last night's hottest couples. It doesn't matter whether you love or hate them these 4 are just so damn good looking...

What did you all think? Who do you think was best dressed? Worst dressed?  Did you have a favorite? I couldn't narrow it down, I loved so many of them!

 What did you think of Billy Crystal as the host? Personally I loved him. For some reason he just made me think of watching it as a child and he was funny but kept it classy.

 Did you see Emma Stone's skit with Ben Stiller, did she nail that or what? I just adore her!



Friday Round Up: Randomness

First of all thank you for all the sweet comments on my wedding pics and the advice on the iPhone apps.

1. About that iPhone... I am ADDICTED. I've downloaded more apps than I can keep up with and I'm pretty sure the camera on the phone is nicer than my actual digital camera which means I take pictures of  everything now.

2. My new phone needed a pretty cover to keep it safe so I picked this baby up at Nordstrom.
 Thankfully I had a gift card from my birthday so it was only $12.00!

3. Did you all know these existed?!?! I just discovered them. Amazing. When they're already unwrapped you only have half the guilt than if you had unwrapped and eaten 10 yourself.

Speaking of food, have you all ever found a baked chip you like?  I haven't, or I hadn't until I found these.
Baked Kettle Chips! They actually taste like kettle chips but are way less greasy and way better for you.  It took all of my self control not to eat the whole bag in one sitting.

4. We had a fluke day yesterday here where it was 63 and sunny, every time one of these days comes around I always ask myself why I don't reside in a warmer climate year round!
That's the view of out of my sunroof on my lunch break yesterday.  Oh yes I have a car that tells you the temps and has a sunroof now and I love it

5.  An outfit I wore to work one day this week...
The iPhone has totally increased my ability to take self portraits in front of my mirror, I'm pretty excited about this so now when I send an outfit to my sister or one of my friends I won't have to be like image a clearer picture and better lighting.  (I'm not sure if my mirror is crooked or my camera skills... whoops)

6. I tried on some bright color jeans... yeah not feeling the trend at all once they were on me.  I just kind of felt like, I don't know a lollipop or something. The color was so intense and way over the top at least for me.  For reference I tried Old Navy, H&M, Nordstrom, and Jcrew.  (I tried green, blue, pink, and purple)

7. I have a ridiculous crush on Zac Efron. Yes I know he's like 5 or 6 years younger than me but he's turned into such a little hottie lately.  Yum.

7. I also find this picture of Adam Levine just divine.  I don't normally like all those tattoos but his don't bother me at all. 

8. I'm loving this roof top.  I just want to curl up here with a good book and a glass of wine 

9. You all have probably seen this floating around Pinterest. I love everything about this outfit and now I want an orange blazer. She always looks flawless. Not fair.

10.  We're head to see Georgetown vs Villanova basketball tomorrow in DC now that my husband is a Hoya.  I just realized I haven't been to a college b-ball game since I was in college so I'm pretty excited! 

TGIF- I hope you all have a happy Friday and a fun and relaxing weekend!



I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for 12 years.  While currently I'm mostly just an Easter/Christmas Catholic I always go back to my roots when it comes to Lent.  There is just something about sacrificing for 40 days under God's watch that makes me really truly stick to it. 

This year I have opted for what might be the hardest Lent of all time, even harder than the year I gave up pizza or the year I gave up shopping. (I haven't tried wine yet, that's just out of the question, I still don't know how you give it up when you're pregnant!)

This year I'm giving up Dairy. There are mixed reasons behind it besides Lent but it's mostly because I eat cheese at least 3x a day (if not more) so it's really going to be a challenge to find a diet that fits since I don't eat a lot of meat and cheese is one of my go-to's for protein.  I also eat mexican food 2 times a week and I must have my sour cream, so yeah I have no idea what I'm going to do about that!?!

Here is a mini list of some things I can't eat.  I won't bore you with the whole list but you'll get the idea.  I pulled this from the Lactose Free Diet on Drugs.com.  I want to try to stick within the guidelines as much as possible. 

• Cream
• Butter
• Cream cheese
• Evaporated & condensed milk
• Hot chocolate mixes
• Ice cream
• Kefir cultured milk drink
• Malted milk
• Milk (Skim, 1%, 2%, whole)
• Processed and natural cheeses
• Reduced lactose milk
• Sherbet
• Sour cream
• Sweet acidophilus or lactobacillus milk
• Whey
• Yogurt with or without live cultures
• Chowders
• Cream soups
• Soup mixes with milk products
• Whipped cream
• White sauces & gravies

So do any of you out there celebrate Lent?  Are you giving anything up?  Do any of you have any advice for a Dairy/Lactose Free diet?   I would love to hear any suggestions!

I did it

Yup, I finally got an iPhone. Welcome to 2012, Nat.

So far its as amazing as everyone says it is.

So what apps do I need to download??



Look for Less

So a few months ago I fell in L-O-V-E with the Prada Saffiano Lux Double Zip tote. See below.

 How gorgeous is this bag?? Ahhh what I wouldn't do to add this to my handbag collection, but at $1960.00 it is a little out of my price range at the moment.

So while I was desperately searching for something as beautiful but under $1000.00 I almost died when I came across this.

Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip tote 

This tote is pretty much identical and only $575.00.  It comes in black, blood orange, cobalt, and luggage. While the blood orange and cobalt are such fun colors I'm partial to the black. What can I say I've always been a classic kind of girl.

Do you like Tory Burch's new Robinson Double Zip tote or do you like the Prada tote more?



I need this outfit

To wear to my niece's 1st Birthday party in March... 

Outfit idea

Outfit idea by ecnat5 featuring a denim shirt

I'm totally loving the colored jean look these days but I don't think I'm ready to rock pastels just yet since the party is in early March, but I thought kelly green cold be fun!

Do you like the colored jean trend or are you staying away from it?  Do you think the green is too intense? I was maybe considering yellow or pink, or maybe even a purple.

Would love to hear your thoughts!!

Madewell denim shirt
$80 - madewell.com

J Crew navy blue blazer
$198 - jcrew.com

Rag & bone super skinny jeans
$176 - barneys.com

Tory burch flat
£210 - net-a-porter.com

Michael kors watch
£200 - harveynichols.com

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