I did it

Yup, I finally got an iPhone. Welcome to 2012, Nat.

So far its as amazing as everyone says it is.

So what apps do I need to download??



  1. Congrats! I'm still behind on this one....one day I'll have an iphone though!

  2. i sooo want an iPhone, I heard it is amazing and my parents in law just got one, I want in on the club of iPhone owners

  3. us weekly, rue la la, gilt, neiman marcus gifts, bergdorf shoe of the day, yelp, open table, evite, redbox...hope that helps :)
    i also just downloaded p.d. which tracks your period and lets you know when you're fertile and ovulating, which will be helpful if you're trying to get pregnant!

    a peek of chic

  4. I'm seriously a little bit too addicted to my iPhone! You're gonna love it more and more each day.
    so the obvious ones: instagram, twitter, Facebook.
    I love this app called AroundMe which is helpful when you're traveling to search everything that is around you.
    oh and PInterest! of course!
    enjoy it dear!

  5. Oh, I still don't have an iPhone. I'm pathetic, I know. :) I have an iPad and I steal my husband's iPhone all the time, but until my boss lets us have them for work, I'm just too lazy to carry around 2 phones. Blackberry for now...


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