Best and Worst: Academy Awards

Best: (in no particular order)

I just wasn't feeling this and was waiting for a nip slip all night
I was so sad with her choice especially after last year! The polka dots just felt juvenile and not Oscar worthy
I would have loved this but I didn't like the top.  It made her look like she has saggy boobs
I like the dress but I felt like it didn't fit her properly and just did not flatter her figure!

Now on to last night's hottest couples. It doesn't matter whether you love or hate them these 4 are just so damn good looking...

What did you all think? Who do you think was best dressed? Worst dressed?  Did you have a favorite? I couldn't narrow it down, I loved so many of them!

 What did you think of Billy Crystal as the host? Personally I loved him. For some reason he just made me think of watching it as a child and he was funny but kept it classy.

 Did you see Emma Stone's skit with Ben Stiller, did she nail that or what? I just adore her!



  1. Such a fun post! I agree that these were the best hosted Oscars in a while but I would have rather had the winners be able to talk longer (especially for the big categories) than give us all the "please go to the movie theaters" bits that took up time. Also, my husband and I both felt Angelina looked disgustingly skinny!

  2. Gwyneth got my vote!
    Emma Stone is my personal fave but wish her dress would have been in a different color.
    Billy Crystal makes it worth the watch. He is the best!
    Hope you had a good weekend!

  3. we had a lot of similar picks :) although i didn't like shailene's; i thought it was much too old for her. i could see someone like helen mirren rocking it. rooney mara's dress had the potential to be nice, just not on her and in a different material.

    a peek of chic

  4. Michelle Williams was the best dressed of all IMO. I hated Jessica Chastain's dress!

  5. TOTALLY agree! I loved Paltrow's white gown; it was so unique and classy! Michelle's coral dress was perfectly her, vintage and a bit different. I also thought Natalie Portman was underwhelming; if it had been shortened, it would have been a sundress... It just wasn't special enough for the Oscars and the necklace didn't go.

  6. I thought Stacy and George looked AMAZING!!!


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