I'm so happy Friday is finally here so I can relax and enjoy myself this weekend.

Have you all seen the trailer for New Year's Eve? I'm TOTALLY OBSESSED- it looks so cute!! For some reason these celebrity packed movies always suck me in, like Love Actually or Valentine's Day. Plus there is always plenty of eye candy ie. fashion, NYC, and hot guys

New Year's Eve by teasertrailer

I just purchased these Jamieson Ankle boots by DV by Dolce Vita in black and I love them.  I wear them to work at least 2 times a week and they just bring something different to a skirt or dress. Plus with a 2.25in heel they are comfortable and don't make me too tall.  I'm considering getting the taupe pair too.

Plus I got mine from Piperlime with a 20% off coupon.  I love Piperlime and would love to buy everything on there if I could afford it.

I must admit I'm super excited for Breaking Dawn to come to theaters.  I was a vampire and Twilight hater for a long time but my book club convinced me to read them and I became obsessed just like everyone other girl around the world! Plus Robert Pattinson is easy on the eyes

Happy Friday!


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