J.Crew City Mini

Run don't walk to your nearest J.Crew and purchase this skirt! I had been eying the City Mini ever since it first hit the catalog this fall because it looked like the perfect winter skirt but I was a little hesitant with the price of $85.00 but I was also in serious need of a new winter skirt so I finally pulled the trigger last week and bought.

Let me just say... best. decision. ever. This is seriously the most comfortable skirt because it has an ELASTIC waistband. Seriously people I feel like all of my pants or skirts should have an elastic waistband because these things are awesome. Plus it's considered a "mini" but it not too short on me at all and I am 5'9 so I can get away with wearing it at work. (my office is biz causal). I purchased it in black and I'm going to get the gray and maybe the bronze rust or bright dahlia too.

What color do you like best?

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