Christmas Parties and Crafts

I can't believe it's December already- 2010 has just flown by I can't even believe it.  I went to my first holiday party of the season this past Saturday and got to wear my new H&M dress I scored for $30.00! I know it isn't the best quality but I LOVE H&M because I can buy cheap trendy stuff and not feel guilty!

My sister in laws

I also got our tree up and all of our decorations out...

I joined ASC in weekly craft project and this was our first one- Glitter Trees!! Check hers out they turned out great... mine on the other hand were ehhh.  I had never used spray adhesive so lets just say my first tree didn't turn out at all and these were slightly better but still not the best. 

The silver one turned out much better than the red one 

I've also decided to stick to blogging- thank you all for your encouraging words :)


  1. Love that dress!! Super cute!!

  2. I'm glad you are sticking around :)

    And holy hell. That is some impressive craftiness. If I were to try and do something like that, the furniture would end up glued together and/or covered in glitter and I would be crying in the fetal position in a corner. Crafts and I do not mix. It is just better that way.

  3. That dress is super cute and you got some great pics at the party! I've been wanting to start so many craft projects and never get around to it. I need to just pick one and start it. The silver tree looks so pretty! I also love the rest of your Christmas decorations.

    I'm glad you're going to keep blogging. Life definitely gets very busy, so I can completely understand.

  4. Love your H&M dress :) You know that I understand about the blogging, but sometimes you just need to write and remember things! Glad you're sticking around...xoxo!

  5. Love your H&M dress! And I think you did a great job on the glitter trees! Your tree and mantle look beautiful!

  6. fun dress! sometimes a bloggy break is in order, but we'll always be here when you come back!

  7. That dress is great!!!! Glad you're sticking with blogging!


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