To stay or to go

So I can't really decide if I want to blog anymore.  I've been pretty sporadic over the past few months and I keep making proclamations about coming back and then I never do.  I've been busy, we've been busy, work has been busy. Life is just busy and I just don't know that I have the energy to blog anymore. I start a ton of posts then I just save them and never publish them.  Then sometimes I feel like I just want to start from scratch or start a new blog but does everyone really want to hear about my everyday life?  I don't know, clearly I'm kind of just rambling. 

Other than that life has been good, busy but good!  I can't believe Thanksgiving will be here in 2 weeks!! I'm not even close to ready for the holidays this year.


  1. Don't quit! Just post when you can :) I'll still read!

  2. I'm with Abby...don't quit! I love hearing about everyday life :)

  3. Don't stop! Sometimes everyone just needs a break!

  4. I just came back to your blog so don't stop now :) I stopped during my pregnancy and it was such a regret because there was so much I wished I remembered...hope you stay!

  5. Please keep posting! I'm pretty scattered with my posts, but I'd hate to stop hearing about your life! XOXO


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