I CANNOT wait...

I promise I'll be back later with a post with some substance- I just thought you all had to see this!


Dear Facebook Friends,

I don't use Facebook to hear about your political affiliations. I only use it to see whether or not your life is cooler than mine.  Which clearly it isn't since you have nothing else to do but update your status all day.

So please stop posting 1,000,000 status updates about your feelings on healthcare reform. 




Friday Fun Facts

Today after work I'm going to be sitting at a restaurant where the view looks like this...

I'm going to be enjoying some of these...

and a lot of these...

Then I'm going to watch these guys crush Houston...

Happy Friday and it's a good thing I'm not Gisele because I'm pretty sure bottomless chips & salsa are not  on her menu tonight!


So Not Fair

Gisele had a baby and is still skinnier than me

... and her boobs are bigger


Green- Yay or Nay?

Do you like green as a color, like in the fashion sense of green? Do wear green often?

I never thought I owned a lot of green until I started really thinking about it and I realized I have quite a lot of green!
I have 2 green dresses, 1 green sweater, 1 green polo, and green shorts. Green comes in so many different shades it can be easy to find a green you like!

Here are some cute green items I came across recently:

DVF wrap dress from Nordstrom 

J.Crew Cotton Cady dress

Old Navy Trench coat 

Maggy London dress from Nordstrom

 Ralph Lauren polo

Does anyone remember these??

Colored Saucony sneakers were so popular my freshman and sophomore year of college. I never had a pair but it felt like EVERYONE else did in green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, etc.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  I could really use some boxty and cheese right now..... yum and maybe some green wine?



It's a good day

-It was sunny and warm, so warm I didn't need a jacket and I drove with the windows down

-I went shopping for spring clothes and a package I've been waiting for from Ideeli arrived

-It's supposed to be 68 degrees this weekend... ahhhh, I might be able to lay out and work on my tan

-Tomorrow is Wednesday which means my work week is almost over!

-Reese's peanut butter eggs were only 39 cents at Rite Aid today

It's going to be Spring (finally) this Saturday!


Afraid of a itsy bitsy spider or how perfume saved my life

So the other day as I was speeding driving to work  when I thought I saw something moving out of the corner of my right eye on my rear view mirror (you know the one in the middle of the windshield- not to be confused with the ones that stick out the sides of the car). 

I glance and don't see anything, then it happens again and I look really quickly and I see a... SPIDER

My first reaction is obviously sane and  mature... screaming and a long string of cuss words because the spider that is 2 millimeters by 2 millimeters is going to fall onto my steering wheel causing me to freak out and panic, take my hands off the wheel and crash right into the median, because obviously that's what the spider is plotting. 

 I can't pull over because I'll be late for work, and by late I mean 10 minutes later than I normally am so like 20 minutes late total.

So I do what any logical girl would do.  

I dig through my purse and find my Philosophy Love perfume and then I proceed to frantically spray the rear view mirror until it is totally soaked.  The front, the back, the sides, and even part of my dashboard,  just in case.  I don't even want to know what the people driving next to me were thinking.   

It's been days and the smell in my car is still unbearable.  I won't be wearing that perfume anymore.

In good news I haven't had another spider sighting since then. 


Do you Snooze?

I have a problem and it involves the snooze button. I am a chronic snoozer.

Chronic snoozer.

I set my alarm for 30-45 minutes before I need to get up so that I can SNOOZE.

I don't feel complete unless I've snoozed at least once if not twice. I have to steal back those 30 minutes.

It's bad. It has to stop. This morning I snoozed for 2 HOURS, 2 FREAKING HOURS.

Now I'm groggy, sluggish and the bags under my eyes are screaming look at me, I aged about 5 years this morning.

So I think its time that me and my snooze button part ways. For good.


To One Piece or Not to One Piece

I told my husband I was thinking of buying a one piece this year because I haven't worn one in years and J.Crew always has really cool ones.

This was his response, "Umm you're not wearing a one piece you are not 45.  Your Mom is in her 50's and still wears a bikini.  Absolutely not I will not approve that purchase."

It is true my 54 year old mother still wears a bikini, she does have an amazing body though (and I can only hope I look that good when I'm her age) so I guess it might look weird if her daughter is the one in the one piece.

I haven't worn a one piece in years and if I did it was usually a speedo because I was a swimmer but look how cute these are... 




So do you wear a one piece or a bikini?



Dear ABC,

Why did you pick Jake to be on DWTS?? We are ALL so SICK of him and his cheesiness.  I'm hoping that he "accidentally" gets decked by Chad Ochocinco.  If I have to hear him talk about the sausage I will change the channel.   Don't even get me started on Mom of the Year Kate Gosselin....

Soo Ali is the new bachelorette, what a shocker?? I didn't see that coming at all!! No way! I wonder why she left the show early? Maybe because she decided Jake was not her type and was begging hoping and wishing that ABC would pick her as the next bachelorette because she didn't get her love and now she learned that fame and hollywood love is more important than a career. 

ABC I'm just plain disappointed in you right now.  You might be able to win me back with Bachelor Pad- but only if it's as trashy and scandalous as it appears it's going to be.

Thanks for listening...



In like a Lion, out like a Lamb

That's how I'm hoping March 2010 treats us this year.  I am so ready for summer, I just want to skip spring and April showers completely and just go straight to 85 degrees with 85% humidity.  I want to sweat and have flat, limp hair for crying out loud.  I am OVER winter. 

Moving on.

We had a lovely weekend despite having to attend a funeral.  If you've ever been to an Irish Catholic funeral then you know they are long (like 5 hrs) and have ample amounts of alcohol flowing (to get you through the 5 hrs).  I swear Irish Catholics can turn anything into an excuse to throw a party or luncheon, what ever you want to call it. 

The Terps beat Virginia Tech this weekend in a double overtime which was awesome and made me reminisce my about my glory days college years spent watching b-ball.  Oh the memories.

In EXCITINGJUMPUPANDDOWN news my brother and sister in law left for CA today because they are adopting a baby boy and he is due on Wednesday!! We're hoping he comes on time so they can hurry home and I can spoil him with presents. 

So do any mommy's have any suggestions for must haves with a newborn/infant/baby boy??  Since they're adopting she didn't have a traditional shower and I know she has the "essentials" but were there anythings you just could not live without that you could suggest I get for them.  
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Are you all ready for the bachelor?? Since I hate surprised I totally read the spoilers so I'm hoping Reality Steve was WRONG!!
If you want to join us I'll be tweeting with Babbling Abby, Duet Diva, and Dave and Brit Plus One  who started After the final tweet and many other girls using #ATFT
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