Dear Facebook Friends,

I don't use Facebook to hear about your political affiliations. I only use it to see whether or not your life is cooler than mine.  Which clearly it isn't since you have nothing else to do but update your status all day.

So please stop posting 1,000,000 status updates about your feelings on healthcare reform. 




  1. AMEN! I feel like so many of my friends are misinformed/made their decision based upon their like/dislike of Obama. YEESH!

    We should have our own cool Facebook kids party ;)

  2. Quote of the day...

    *I only use it to see whether or not your life is cooler than mine*

    Tee hee hee ;)

  3. I feel the same way! All those statuses get SO annoying!

  4. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking for the past 24 hours... I'm close to deactivating my Facebook, what with all the political affiliation rants, Farmville nonsense and other useless junk!

  5. I couldn't agree more! There is no educated, open minded debate going on in those status updates. Drives me nuts.

  6. Yeah, I'm kinda agreeing with you on that one.

  7. THANK YOU!!! I wanted to post something like that in my status but that would illicit more stupid facebook comments. Seriously people - keep your thoughts to yourself!

  8. Yep yep. I totally got sucked into a health care discussion on FB today...by my little brother. I put a very middle-of-the-road comment on his status and WHAM - got virtually yelled at four other people...immediately. I don't get it. Do they think that putting their views on FB is going to CHANGE something? I know politics is important and all, but this is why I want to walk away from it! I'm actually planning a post on just that this week!

  9. Woo hoo! Couldn't agree more. I'm really tempted to post something similar on my Facebook page... Stop with the political crap and post more drunken weekend pictures of people I want to make fun of, please!


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