Dear ABC,

Why did you pick Jake to be on DWTS?? We are ALL so SICK of him and his cheesiness.  I'm hoping that he "accidentally" gets decked by Chad Ochocinco.  If I have to hear him talk about the sausage I will change the channel.   Don't even get me started on Mom of the Year Kate Gosselin....

Soo Ali is the new bachelorette, what a shocker?? I didn't see that coming at all!! No way! I wonder why she left the show early? Maybe because she decided Jake was not her type and was begging hoping and wishing that ABC would pick her as the next bachelorette because she didn't get her love and now she learned that fame and hollywood love is more important than a career. 

ABC I'm just plain disappointed in you right now.  You might be able to win me back with Bachelor Pad- but only if it's as trashy and scandalous as it appears it's going to be.

Thanks for listening...



  1. totally agree with everything ya said. i've been pretty po'd w/ abc since grey's started stinking it up a while back. i haven't heard about the bachelor pad? sounds interesting!

  2. AMEN! I am so sick of them recycling all the contestants to be the next Bachelor/rette. I really think that's why most people go on there now...in the hopes to be the next "chosen" one. Ugh!

  3. Amen! I almost threw my remote at the TV when I heard he would be the final contestant on DWTS. I was unhappy with his choice, but thought I would not have to think about them anymore until the tabloids announce in a few months that they have split. Now, I'm going to have to watch his cheesiness on the dance floor and endure Vienna cheering him on from the sidelines. AND they had to throw in Kate Gosselin??

    I also find it funny that Ali's employer (which turns out to be Facebook) supposedly threw a fit and demanded she return to work, but now they don't care that she will be off for several weeks for the Bachelorette. How does that work?!

  4. I know how you feel! I was shocked when they announced him to be on the show. I swear if he dances to "On the wings of love" I'm going to boycott that show forever! I'm kinda surprised they didn't choose Tenley for the Bachelorette.

  5. guhhhhhhhh. so i know EVERYONE saw the vienna thing coming but i was still holding out hope until the end. but, ultimately, Tenley was WAY too good for Jake.

    ...and i'm super excited about DWTS! even with Jake and Kate on there :)

  6. Was Ali annouced as the Bachelorette? I totally didn't watch the aftershow. When Vienna was picked I was kinda over it. I thought Tenley would make a good Bachlorette, but I guess she's too PG for ratings.

    He's an attractive man, but he gets on my nerves. And Vienna isn't a good match for him...Roselyn was saying on my local radio station (with Ryan Seacrest) that Jake is gay and I saw that in a tabloid as well. Who knows at this point! haha

  7. Ha…agreed on all fronts! I’m not a big fan of DWTS to begin with, but why they picked Kate Gosselin is beyond me. I’m not really happy with Ali being the next bachelorette, but I always get sucked in and seem to watch anyway. I will definitely be watching Bachelor Pad! I see lots of drama happening there.

    Thanks again for all of the Annapolis recommendations and hopefully if I come back again, we can meet up!


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