Last Christmas

Not Mine.


I have officially been listening to Christmas music for 2 days on the radio and I have already heard Wham's Last Christmas 3 times. You're guaranteed to hear this song in every store in the Mall. Don't get me wrong, I love me some George Michael but it is probably also my least favorite Christmas song as it is WAY overplayed. I prefer Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas is You.

So this year I am starting an official tally to see how many times I hear this song between now and the 25th of December.

Anyone else want to play?

I realized we are majorly lacking holiday music in Casa H so I will be downloading some this weekend when I return. What is my favorite Christmas CD?

I love and always will love Amy Grant's Home for Christmas.

I believe it came out in the early 1990's and we were HUGE Amy Grant fans around our house (I made a music video of Baby, Baby in 3rd grade for music class- so cool I know) and it makes me think of my childhood and all our wonderful holiday memories.

So bffs what is your favorite holiday CD?

What's your favorite Christmas/holiday song?

I love me some Amy Grant but I still think Mariah takes the cake with my most favorite song.


The Boss

Tonight I am taking my husband to see Bruce Springsteen for his birthday with my sis and boyfriend!!
Apparently we are seeing the Born to Run Show. Be Jealous.
It's going to be better than New Moon. (hehe)



Ok don't hate me, I know I'm like the only one left out in blogville.

I don't get the vampire thing.

At all.

I'm not going to lie I've never been a big fan of fantasy, it's just not my thing. I never got into Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I've never even seen Star Wars.


I have to admit that New Moon movie does look good, I think it might be the underlying sexual tension that draws me in.

ALL of my friends are Twi-hards, is that what you call them? And they all make fun of me for missing out on what are apparently THE BEST BOOKS AND MOVIES EVER.

I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm going to give them a read or just a watch if I get lazy.

But today we did have a client come into to plan a party for his wife and his name is Edward Cullen... umm seriously my co-worker almost flipped out on him but she realized she didn't want to scare him away... apparently he is the super hot vampire otherwise known in real life as Robert Pattison.

So fellow Bffs tell me why you love Twilight and tell me why I should love it to?


I clearly can't keep promises

Wow- I always promise to come back with long witty picture filled posts and I never deliver and I'm so sorry! Unfortunately real life always gets in the way of blogging, but no more excuses!

Our "friends thanksgiving" was a blast! The food was amazing!! I think everyone was pretty surprised at just how good it turned out. It was a great practice for one day when we're "real grown-ups" hosting holidays! I of course barely took any pictures but from the ones I did you can kind of see my new hair cut and of course K's birthday cake.

Me getting the cake ready- look at my short hair!

Singing happy birthday

Showing K his cake before he blew out the candles

The Cake

Yes those are 2-7 candles- I failed and thought I had candles but I didn't so we had to use last years ! Oops!

I had the cake made by the bakery I work with for events. I made a collage of photos of K, us, and our friends from the past 6 years on Picasa (my new obsession!) and had them silkscreen the image on the cake. It's totally edible and was a huge hit and of course the cake was red velvet and absolutely delicious!

I'm still adjusting to having short hair- I feel very strange at the gym because I either have to do half up do or a mini pony tail which looks weird. It's probably just my crazy paranoia that people actually are judging my looks at 5:30am but then again I wear mascara to the gym so I'm probably the one with the problems.

I have also failed on my no caffeine mission. It lasted a whole 2 days, yes pathetic, but I have cut down to one drink a day instead of my normal 3. Which I think is a vast improvement and I think I can see a difference.

So happy tomorrow is Wednesday!


Thirsty Thursday?

It's been one of those weeks where I could really use a glass of wine or a good margarita but I have no wine and no tequilla so water is going to have to do.

This is a very interesting or witty post. It's more of word vomit post about everything going on in my life this week. So I'd like to apologize now, if you're looking for witty and fun try me back on Sunday.

K spent most of the week in Atlanta and I've been exhausted from work so our house chores have fallen to the way side. Shocker. I don't know how people work full time, cook homemade meals, and take care of kids and dogs?!?! I can barely take care of the two of us and our little townhouse.

I hate cooking but I've been inspired by Mrs. Everlasting from It is Everlasting because she makes the most delicious looking dinners and I'm pretty sure my husband wants me to more like her and less like me when it comes to dinner which is Go make yourself a bowl of cereal or microwave a lean pocket if you're hungry. So I found a little variation of her turkey stuffed peppers here. They actually turned out ok, not just ok they were good and K loved them. He was like this is the dinner I'm looking for.
So if any of my other BFFs out there have any good recipes for me I would love to hear them!! I need some delicious tried and true recipes! Email me: eastcoastnat (at) gmail (dot) com

My co-worker and good friend quit about 3 weeks ago to pursue a new venture so I've had a new girl for the past 2 weeks that I've been training and working with. We've been so busy and it's been so hard to train and try to do my own work at the same time. It's just been exhausting and I miss working with one of my best friends :( I didn't realize how much I would miss her until she was gone. We still talk over email and on the phone but it was so nice to have a friend in the office.

We got a few pieces of hand me down furniture from my parents last weekend and we have some rearranging to do this weekend. I plan to share house pictures once I finally put everything in it's place!!

We are hosting "Friends Thanksgiving" this weekend. This is the first year we are doing this but basically it's 6 couples having a pot luck Thanksgiving. We are hosting because we're the only couple that doesn't live in an apartment or condo so we have the most space. I'm so excited, it should be a lot of fun! Luckily I'm just in charge of Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and my signature cookie : The Ginger Crinkle. I will share the recipe for them on Sunday. They are AMAZING if you like ginger.

It's K's 28th birthday on Sunday so that will be tied in with Friends Thanksgiving celebration. I got him a cake made and I'm so excited to see it. I don't want to spoil it but I promise to share pics! I got him Bruce Springsteen tickets for his present, I tried to surprise him but he totally snooped around and figured it out about a month ago! I didn't know he was such a snoop totherwise I would have done a better job hiding it.

I think I'm going to copy some other bloggers and have a blog yard sale. I have some clothes that I've barely worn that some of you might want!

I think I have to give up caffeine. I might have to join a support group to get through it but I think I have no choice. Over the past year I've become more sensitive to caffeine I used to drink a 20oz coffee or 2 diet cokes every morning (before 10am) and now half way through one cup of coffee I'm shaking and totally off the wall. Plus I think it increases my anxiety and I tend to be on edge and over react easily. I also think it contributes to my insomnia. I'm not ready to break up with caffeine yet. It's going to be hard but I think it's best for me.

Oh and me and my sister are totally hitting up Michaels and Kohls this weekend for holiday decor and cookie tins so I can make my 100 dozen cookies to take to Kyle's family for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to start baking, it's the best excuse to eat cookies, I mean I have to try every batch right?

Oh the most important part of my week. I dropped a small fortune on highlights and a hair cut! I'm no longer Malibu Barbie blond. Thank god. I got it cut to, but not just trimmed. I chopped it off it's right under my chin. I haven't had it above my shoulders since 2002 and I haven't had it to my chin since 4th grade. I will have pictures to share on Sunday.

If anyone has hung on reading this whole long post I hope I didn't completely bore you to death.



I've been too busy to write a long post but I just had to share this website with my bloggy loves.


You all may already know about this but I'm just coming into the loop about it, so don't judge me if I'm like-so-2008. Basically it's a HUGE shoe and handbag website and by HUGE I mean apparently there are over 1000 black flat options available in a size 10. Yes I have big ole' feet and yes I don't think I've ever seen that many options available in my size! Don't worry though, it's ALL price ranges from about $30- $600 a pair!!

Just a few of the designers include:
Sam Edelman
Stuart Weitzman
Jessica Simpson
Kate Spade
Nine West
Dolce & Gabbana
Anne Klein

Ready for the best part??

They offer FREE overnight shipping and FREE returns!! Umm seriously, how awesome??

So you don't have to shell out an arm and leg if the shoes don't fit and you need to return it!

Well back to my busy week

Happy Hump Day!


It's like J.Crew was listening...

Remember this post? Well it's like someone up in the J.Crew heavens read it and knew that I needed just a little extra.

So what appeared in my inbox this morning?

(jcrew.com- feel free to use the EXTRA20)

That's right, not just extra 20% off SALE items but FREE SHIPPING... incredible.
I just about went flying out of my desk chair through the ceiling with excitement. No seriously I did, ask my poor co-worker.

Want to know what I scored for a mere $200.00??
(let me add I needed winter clothes desperately, I mean real bad. I was on a rotate sweaters on a 3 day schedule type thing, I think my co-workers were starting to wonder if I actually washed them )
(I also buy all my jcrew on sale, because why pay full price when you don't have to??)

Silk tiered cami in Deep Aubergine

Silk pleated posy top in Deep Rose

Perfect fit grosgrain scoop neck tea in Champagne
(not the cute skirt or belt)

Tailored trouser chino in Sandstorm

Forever cardigan in sweet guava
(this isn't the exact cardigan but it's the closest I could find it sold out already!)

Solid 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt in light pewter

Let's just say this made my week, maybe even my November :)

Thank You J.Crew


Umm... November?

Is it really November??? Where did October go? I just got married 2 months ago there is no way that Christmas is next month! I am not ready. I planned to be more organized this year. I planned to have plenty of money saved. I planned to have started shopping by now. I planned to have my Christmas cards picked out by now. I planned to have my Christmas tins and cookie recipes ready.
Do I have any of that done? No not yet, of course not.

Why did I want to have this all planned?
The holidays are a crazy time for us as celebrating starts on November 15th with K's birthday, followed by Thanksgiving, my grandmother's birthday, my sister's birthday, 2 of my good friend's birthdays, various holiday parties mixed in, professional football games, cookie baking, trips up to PA to see K's family.

Luckily I work well under pressure.

As exhausting as it is at times it such a wonderful time of year and I cannot wait to start celebrating with all my friends and family!

I have been down and out for the past 5 days with a sinus infection. It started last week as a simple cold that slowly progressed into a full blown sinus infection. Today is the first day I'm finally feeling good again.
I have a lot of laundry, dishes, and cleaning to catch up with. I LOVE my husband but he is not good around the house. I totally made the mistake of spoiling him early in our relationship and now he apparently doesn't know how to do any household chores.

Off to get my house organized and clean again.
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