It's like J.Crew was listening...

Remember this post? Well it's like someone up in the J.Crew heavens read it and knew that I needed just a little extra.

So what appeared in my inbox this morning?

(jcrew.com- feel free to use the EXTRA20)

That's right, not just extra 20% off SALE items but FREE SHIPPING... incredible.
I just about went flying out of my desk chair through the ceiling with excitement. No seriously I did, ask my poor co-worker.

Want to know what I scored for a mere $200.00??
(let me add I needed winter clothes desperately, I mean real bad. I was on a rotate sweaters on a 3 day schedule type thing, I think my co-workers were starting to wonder if I actually washed them )
(I also buy all my jcrew on sale, because why pay full price when you don't have to??)

Silk tiered cami in Deep Aubergine

Silk pleated posy top in Deep Rose

Perfect fit grosgrain scoop neck tea in Champagne
(not the cute skirt or belt)

Tailored trouser chino in Sandstorm

Forever cardigan in sweet guava
(this isn't the exact cardigan but it's the closest I could find it sold out already!)

Solid 3/4 sleeve stretch shirt in light pewter

Let's just say this made my week, maybe even my November :)

Thank You J.Crew


  1. Ooh how adorable is the posy top? Thanks Nat, I'm off to check J. Crew!

  2. hahah- ya gotta admit it's a little funny that immediately after saying that you needed winter clothes, you showed pics of sleeveless tops ;)

    that being said - how lovely! i'm definitely feeling some sale love!

  3. Oh how I love a good shop! Congrats on the sweet scores. Major jealous!

  4. All of those items are great! Glad you were able to get them on sale!

  5. Nice purchases! Love the ruffles on the second top. I'm jealous. :)

  6. I am loving all those outfits and with a good little special price tag!


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