I clearly can't keep promises

Wow- I always promise to come back with long witty picture filled posts and I never deliver and I'm so sorry! Unfortunately real life always gets in the way of blogging, but no more excuses!

Our "friends thanksgiving" was a blast! The food was amazing!! I think everyone was pretty surprised at just how good it turned out. It was a great practice for one day when we're "real grown-ups" hosting holidays! I of course barely took any pictures but from the ones I did you can kind of see my new hair cut and of course K's birthday cake.

Me getting the cake ready- look at my short hair!

Singing happy birthday

Showing K his cake before he blew out the candles

The Cake

Yes those are 2-7 candles- I failed and thought I had candles but I didn't so we had to use last years ! Oops!

I had the cake made by the bakery I work with for events. I made a collage of photos of K, us, and our friends from the past 6 years on Picasa (my new obsession!) and had them silkscreen the image on the cake. It's totally edible and was a huge hit and of course the cake was red velvet and absolutely delicious!

I'm still adjusting to having short hair- I feel very strange at the gym because I either have to do half up do or a mini pony tail which looks weird. It's probably just my crazy paranoia that people actually are judging my looks at 5:30am but then again I wear mascara to the gym so I'm probably the one with the problems.

I have also failed on my no caffeine mission. It lasted a whole 2 days, yes pathetic, but I have cut down to one drink a day instead of my normal 3. Which I think is a vast improvement and I think I can see a difference.

So happy tomorrow is Wednesday!


  1. That cake idea is super cute! I'm glad it was a big hit!

  2. Love the new hair, although when I did the post-wedding chop last year, I, too, had small pony paranoia at the gym. Bobby pins became my best friend. Don't worry. You'll get used to it.

  3. I adore your hair!!!

    I do the same thing at the gym or when I am out running. At least when I run outside, I can cover my paintbrush of a ponytail up with a hat. I feel so ridiculous...

  4. your hair looks so great! looks like you guys had a great time - love the cake!

  5. I think your new hair cut looks so cute! And, don't worry about the posting. I promised to post pictures of my vacation (a month ago) and describe my adventures (3 weeks ago), and I still haven't gotten to it {a little late now}. I think we're all pretty forgiving of each other for getting lost away from the blogging world. Now if only we could be so forgiving of ourselves...

    ~ Jen


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