Our Wedding: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

As I said before our wedding day was absolutely amazing and it was everything I thought it would be but that's not to say that it didn't have some bad and ugly parts.

The Good:

-The Weather: We got sooo lucky! I started stalking weather.com exactly 10 days before the wedding. I even went as far as to stalk the Farmers Almanac but I wasn't willing to pay $8.99 for the "real" forecast so back to weather.com it was. It was such a tease. First it said sunny and 78 and I thought Wow, MD weather is really going to work out for me. Next it said chance of scattered thunderstorms, Ok, Ok I can deal with that, probably a late afternoon heat storm. Then the day before it said partly cloudy with a chance of rain 30%. So I went into my wedding day fully prepared for clouds and rain. The morning was pretty blah- no rain but clouds and I was totally ok with that.
Well... when we walked out of the church after the the ceremony the SKY WAS CLEAR. Seriously not a cloud in the sky. Just bright blue skys and hot, hot, hot sun but at that point I was so happy to see the sun I didn't care how much I sweat. I know my Gigi was looking down from heaven and cleared the sky for us.

- Our family & friends: It was so amazing to have all of our family and friends together with us to celebrate. I cannot even express how much love and support we felt that day from everyone. Not just from my IRL friends but even from all my bloggy friends- you have no idea how many times I thought ohh I need to remember to blog about that so they can see that, haha I still have many pictures to share. Thank you for all the supportive comments over the last 10 months!!

- The food: One of my biggest concerns during my entire planning process was the food. I went into total "hostess mode" and I wanted to make sure that we had not just a wide variety but enough food to feed everyone. I was not disappointed. The food was amazing and people were able to go back for seconds and thirds. Of course I only ate half a crab cake but from what I heard it was delicious.

The Bad

-My groom: He managed to get drunk one hour into the reception. Thank god this never got to ugly. When K walked up behind me and smacked my ass in front of everyone I knew someone had been slipping him drinks. Thankfully I was able to wrestle the Rum & Cokes (he NEVER drinks rum) from his hands and threaten his old fraternity brothers if the brought him another shot and by the time the Mother/Son dance rolled around he was back to normal. It's funny because K is not usually a get drunk fast and be wild kind of guy but I think the nerves got to him, along with the drinks people were just handing him. So he was forgiven.

- The guest book: I had bought an Annapolis coffee table book to use a guest book. Basically I wanted everyone to sign on the pages and then we could have it as a keepsake and be able to display it! Well I had really good intentions... about half way through our reception I saw it being passed around by people, who looked confused like they didn't know what to do with it. I realized that it got passed through so many hands(never making it to the event coordinators on-site) that no one knew what to do with it. I'm sad because I would have loved to see what everyone had to say but at the same time it was such a minor detail in the end it didn't matter.

- My dress: This is a good/bad. I LOVED my dress but I should have gotten married in November and gain 10lbs and a pair of bubies.
My dress was very, very heavy so I was H-O-T. Then I some how lost weight in the month between my fitting. The first place I lose it is the chest. I don't have any bubies anyway so to lose weight was pretty damaging. Let's just say I spent 80% of my time pulling my dress up. Even with the McGuyver dress/bra/safety pin combo the weight of the dress dragged it down most of the day causing it to scrunch up/wrinkle around my waist line. Honestly it is somewhat my fault because I picked it up 1 week before the wedding and never tried it on because it fit so well at the final fitting I just assumed it would right. Remember to never assume.

The Ugly

- Someone brought their kids: Yes, you read that right. Someone brought their kids to my NO KID wedding. This relative will remain nameless and they did not bring the kids to the reception just the ceremony, which is somewhat forgiveable. K and I choose to not have children because no one in our immediate family has children and at our venue there was no separate price for kid meals and there was no way I was paying more than $20 for a kid meal. The no kids was a HUGE issue for one of my family members, I mean HUGE like so upset, almost didn't attend my wedding but attended anyway and sulked about their kids not being there to me , more than one time. So when I was making my recessional and the girls waved at me I almost tripped on my dress. As I said they did not end up at the reception but with all the drama I had dealt with smoke was coming out of my ears I was so angry. Why can't people just follow the rules? This nameless relative had the nerve to say to me the next morning at my brunch: "The girls really enjoyed coming to the ceremony, even though they weren't "allowed" at the reception they were happy to be there for at least a part of it" Let me just add that she had zero kids at her wedding 15 yrs ago.

-Wedding Planning: I had more than one bridezilla moment. I'm not proud but it's true. Someone of you many be shocked but I tend to keep my crazy emtions off my blog. I don't purposely do it. I've just usually calmed down by the time I sit down to write. My mom and I are the same person so we have ALWAYS butted heads. So take that and couple it with an event as huge as a wedding and it can only be bad. Needless to say we made it through alive but not before we fought over 100 times over the tiniest details. Let's just say both of us have our way of doing things and we don't like to be told to do it differently. I know most of the time she was just trying to help or doing her motherly duties but it can be hard for me to keep my mouth shut. My poor sister she was usually the one who had to listen to both of us complain about the other one...

I'm still pouring over my professional photos but once I've picked out my favs I promise I'll share them with you :)


  1. So glad to hear (mostly) everything went okay on your special day- I'm so happy for you :)

  2. This was fun to read about!!! The good, the bad, and the ugly ... all make for some great memories!!

  3. ugh we weren't supposedly not supposed to have kids at the wedding either. When I saw a 9 year old little girl that was not my little flower girl dancing the night away. I FREAKED! not out loud but in my head I was like... "you were not invited!" It makes me more mad at the parents because number one it wasn't even immediate family and number 2 why do they think it's fine to bring someone that wasn't invited!? You just don't mess with someones wedding! lol I'm glad you got good weather though!! it rained on my day!

  4. i think we have the same mother and one of the same relatives, haha! we could probably talk for hours. i tried to keep my inner bridezilla on lockdown too, but she came out a little bit. the next time i come to annapolis, we should totally get drinks and dish weddings. and, i can't wait to see your pro pics!

  5. OMG I totally forgot about the no-kids issues of my first wedding. It was such drama. To be honest, I didn't mind that people brought kids to the ceremony as long as they didn't bring them to the reception. But I can absolutely see that it would upset you! Glad the good outweighed the bad and definitely the ugly...and that you put your foot down about the drunken hubby! ;)

  6. Oh my goodness, I can't believe they brought theird kids!! That is insane!!!

  7. The nerve! I'd be right there with you, and it probably would have grated on my nerves until I had a cocktail in my hands ;)

    Can't wait to see the pics!!!

    PS. Getting ready to watch The Hills/The City right now!!! We need to coordinate our posts so we can rehash together!!!

  8. I think there are good, bad and ugly moments at every wedding! That's what makes them so one of a kind;)

  9. Happens at every wedding!

    Oh my! The drunk groom, though! I'll admit my hubs was a little tipsy mid-way through the reception. It's the groomsmen! Every time!

    And you know what? I think that happens with every guestbook. Not enough people sign them. Ever.

    can't wait to see more pics!

  10. OH kids!!!!!!!! That is my fear haha. We are only allowing Dave's nephews to be there, and that's it. And his sister is getting rid of them after the cocktail hour! She doesnt want them there - she wants to party!! If any of my relatives bring kids after they arent invited there is going to be DRAMA. HAha. Glad that you have such good memories otherwise!!

  11. That whole kids thing would have set me on fire as well. The nerve of some people. I mean really...if it says no kids...then don't bring them. Then you got guilt tripped...BOO

  12. haha - i love the way you recounted the details. I'm totally doing this when i get done with it all. can't wait for pictures!

  13. I seriously LOVE your honesty! Bless you for this!

    And WTF about the no kids??? How inconsiderate of your relative!!!

  14. Aren't family and friends and food the biggest things? SO glad those turned out well.
    The kids thing sucks. I fought this for a while too but gave up at the end and there was only 1 very well-behaved kid besides the 2 nieces. I also intended on getting all these photobooth pictures and forgot with my own husband! People almost didn't take pictures until I had to announce it (it was a photo corner with props).

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