Kristin, Brody, and Justin oh my

Alright ladies let's talk about The Hills. I know I'm a little delayed on this but I just got a chance to watch it on the internet because I forgot to DVR it.

First off I have to admit this. I think Brody is HOT and I've had a crush on him since he first appeared on my radar dating KCav like 3 yrs ago. I don't even mind the Jenner tattoo down his side, I kind of think it's sexy. K couldn't be further from Brody but we can have innocent crushes right?? Feel free to make fun of me. Ok now that I've gotten that off my chest let's move on.

Sorry I just had to add it

- Were you surprised that Justin didn't show up to Brody's birthday??? I wasn't. That is his MO.

-I'm not a huge fan of Jayde. Who name's their daughter Jayde Nicole, with a name like that she was destined for Playboy. ( I apologize if I have offended anyone with the name Jayde, but it's my blog and it's just my opinion)

-Brody may be HOT but he has the maturity of a 19yr, that might even be generous maybe a 16 yr old. He probably shouldn't have been calling his girlfriend that he "loves" a b*tch and then left her alone while he went to party at his ex's

-I don't blame Jayde for getting mad at Brody. First his ex gives him sex toys for his birthday (inappropriate but not off base for KCav) and then he ditches her to go hang out with her. I would be p.o.'d too.

-As I said before Stephanie is WAY TOO SKINNY! Did you see that scene where her and Audrina were walking together, her thigh was the size of my upper arm!!

-Again Spencer with kid, what is the deal with that story line?? I don't mind watching him being mean to other adults but I don't like watching him mock that innocent little boy. Also what was with that ridiculous hat he wore to dinner??

-The guy that Audrina went out with Derek.... whoa UPGRADE. He was HOT and treated her like 1000 times better than Justin but I have a feeling Justin slithers his way back into her life this season


  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed!

    But, I must add, WHOA BOTOX - Steph's lips were HUGE!

  2. I agree with Abby...Stephanie looks so bizarre that for a moment, I wasn't sure if it was her. Brody's super cute! Nothing to be embarrassed about there!

  3. Steph's face looks all weird now, she needs to lay off the plastic surgery pronto.

    Actually I'm starting to like The City much better than The Hills.

  4. Girl I totally agree! I think Brody is so HOT but he acts like such an ass sometimes!

    Jayde Nicole...destined for Playboy...HA! What a horrible name!


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