Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Hello Friends! How is everyone doing?  This past weekend was the annual gala for the mom's club I'm in and for the second year in a row I was in charge of it.  It is finally over so I can breathe a sigh of relief and hopefully get back to regularly scheduled programming over here!  The point of this gala is for a fun parent's night out and to raise money for a local women's shelter called Sarah's House.

I wore this dress from Rent the Runway by StyleStalker.  It was a little for my 5'9 frame but it was a lot of fun and I loved the deep v-neck!  

We decided to do a loose Havana Nights theme and it was so much fun!  The cigar bar was a big hit with the husbands if you're looking for fun event ideas to keep the men busy!

I'm so ready for spring to get here! March is always a tough month in Maryland because you're ready for spring but it's still so cold here and usually snowy.  I've started to slowly add to my spring wardrobe with this outfit below which I posted on Instagram this week.  I haven't done much shopping lately (which is rare for me!) but I hate wanting to buy spring and summer clothes when I can't wear them for at least two more months :(

Last week was Dr. Suess week at school and it was so fun hearing Miller tell me all about Dr. Suess.  This is the first year Miller has been interested in his books and finally understanding that they're supposed to be silly and goofy.  I'm loving Miller's worksheet below, he is his father's son in that he hates things being messy ;). 

The kids are on their third week of swim lessons and I'm really hoping this is the year we get them both swimming independently.  Miller is doing really well and Matthew is too, despite being very nervous for his first lesson.

Sorry we've been a little MIA lately!! Real life has been getting in the way!  Thanks to everyone who links up with us every week- we so appreciate it! 

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  1. That event looks so fun, well done! And that dress looks SO good on you!!! Beautiful!

  2. that DRESSSSSS! Looks incredible on you, I might need that. Weird question, what bra did you wear with .. ?

  3. Looks like such a fun event! I love event planning, but I know it can be stressful! I love that RTR dress! I have a wedding in May and may have to rent that one! Looks great on you!!

  4. Glad to hear your fundraiser went so well and is over so you can get back to a normal life!

  5. The dress is gorgeous and that lemon sweater is cute - looks like something I should own :-)
    I don't like buying clothes before the season starts either.

  6. You look gorgeous and the event looks like it was a success! Love the cigar bar!

  7. The event looks great! I love the tables! You look AMAZING in that dress, hot mama!


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