Thoughts for Thursday: A Little Bit of Everything

Hello Blog World!  Look I'm actually here this week.  I've decided I'm going to stop promising I'm ever going to get my act together and post on here more than once a week. I think this is just the season of my life these days, and this little blog is taking a back seat. I'm hoping once I get finished planning this big fundraiser gala for my mom's club I'll have more free time (it's next weekend so we're in crunch time!)

Today is sort of a stream of consciousness post because I just have some things I need to share with you all!

1. Lilly Pulitzer Swim!!!
  OMG who else is so excited for this! I have been waiting for them to come back with swim suits for so long!  I just ordered two of them so I'll keep you posted on how they fit once they arrive, but I promise not to share any bathing suit selfies #noonewantstoseemeinabathingsuitinwinter

This is a tankini which I haven't worn since I was pregnant but this one looks like it's fitted and flattering so I'm hoping I like it and it doesn't ride up.  I also ordered the sarong bottoms to go with it.  

I've been eyeing the triangle bikini top too but not sure I'm ready for those yet.  I usually do wear bikinis when I'm at the beach but stick to one pieces at the neighborhood pool.  

2. Nation's Photo Lab- I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to get some family photos printed and she suggested I try Nation's Photo Lab and I'm so happy she did! First off the prints are cheap but the quality is amazing!! Secondly it's so easy to use! I tried using a few other sites and I just felt like they were more complicated than needed and this one is so easy.  You can choose from a bunch of print sizes, change the orientation of your photo, zoom in or out and chose for them to do auto color correction or edit it yourself. I've only used them for prints so far but I'll keep you posted if I try any of their other options because they are endless.

3. 15 Minute Honey Garlic Chicken- I was looking for a quick and easy recipe the other night when I was feeling lost and uninspired at dinner time. This honey garlic chicken was so quick and easy and my boys loved it!! I nicknamed it Eddie's delicious chicken and said it was an old family recipe from my great Uncle Eddie and it worked! I served it with jasmine rice and broccoli. I found it on Pinterest but it's from the blog Family Food on the Table

4. Lululemon Running Shorts- I asked for new running shorts suggestions on instastories last night and ALL of you said Lululemon!  You suggested the trackers, speed short, and run time.  A few of you suggested I get the 4in version since I'm tall.  Three of you suggested I try the running skirts which I'm definitely going to because skirts are fun ;) I think I like the way the waist band looks on the run time shorts but want to try all three. I'm going to head to my local Lulu this weekend to try them on and I'll keep you posted on what I pick.

We have had the most beautiful weather the past two days!! It's crazy to see 70s in February here but it's been so nice.  It's such a tease though because we really won't get those temps on a consistent basis until May :(

Hope you all are having a great week! 

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  1. Definitely trying that chicken soon! I am in a huge rut with weeknight meals lately

  2. I need to order pictures, so I am definitely checking out that site. You will love the Lulu shorts! They are my favorites, I just size up in them.

  3. The swimsuits are super pretty! Definitely need to try out that recipe too! 15 minutes?? Sold!

  4. I love the red and white Bikini but happy with floral print. I advised you to apply sunscreen on beach. lazada Coupon Code

  5. 70 degree weather in February? Lucky you! It's been nothing but winter in my neck of the woods. That chicken dish looks amazing, and I love the swimsuit.


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