Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Happy Thursday before Christmas Friends!  Sorry to get my post up late but I've been so busy lately I didn't sit down to write it until today.

December has been exhausting but so much fun! The kids are loving Christmas this year and I'm soaking up every moment of it with them.   For the first time ever we actually liked Santa Claus!

The local mom's club I'm in hosts a Christmas party with Santa every year and this year we were lucky enough to get a professional photographer to take pictures for us!  This Santa is so good and the pictures turned out so well.  

Miller's preschool does the Christmas program "Fit for a King" for the four year old class and Miller was one of the donkeys.  It was sooooo cute and so much fun to see him up on stage.  The three donkeys had a line together and they did such a good job.  

We went out last weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. I wore my new Spanx faux leather leggings and they're amazing!  If you've been considering getting a pair I highly recommend them.  They suck you in but they're still super comfortable that I've been wearing them for everyday errands too.  

If you're local I love taking my boys to the B&O Railroad museum in Baltimore but this time of year is really special.  They have a bunch of model train Christmas towns set up that keep the boys fascinated for hours.   

Also Miller asks to wear sports clothes all the time now :( he's growing up too fast 

I'm finally almost finished all my wrapping and I finally got to watch my favorite cheesy Christmas movie, 12 Dates of Christmas last night.  

I can't believe Christmas is only 4 days away!! Are you all ready?  

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  1. How precious are the pictures of the boys with Santa?! Priceless! Merry Christmas!

  2. The Santa picture is SO adorable! How do the leggings run? I want to buy them every year and then panic about the sizing and can't commit, gah!

  3. The boys' pictures with Santa are adorable!! And I need to get those faux leather leggings! I've heard such great things about them! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

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