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First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who commented, emailed, texted me yesterday about my post.  All your sweet words are the reason I just can't walk away from this blog and sharing my life with you.  It's so nice to know that so many of you can relate to my parenting struggles and have been through something similar or are going through it now.  As hard as it can be for all of us it's nice to know I'm not alone.

Decided today's post had to be on a lighter note, so I'm sharing five things we're loving this week.  As always linking up with some of my favorites.

1. Melissa & Doug Floor Puzzles- Since Miller gave up napping I've been hunting for quiet activities we can do together or ones he can do himself.  These puzzles came highly recommended from a few people and I could not agree more.  We have the safari, traffic jam, and dinosaur one.  The pieces are big enough that he can do most of it himself and Matthew has started helping us with them too.  Both the boys love them and they're a nice change of pace from dinosaurs and trucks banging around the house.

2. Usborne Shine a Light Books- I cannot say enough good things about these books.  I have to thank Chick fil-a for introducing them to us and then my friend Kathryn becoming a Usborne seller so that I could continue to build our collection!!  We have the Animal Camouflage, Train, Airport, and Rainforst ones.  My kids can't get enough of them and love to see what hidden things we're going to find with the flashlight.

3. The Struggles of a Wannabe Minimalist-   this article from Scary Mommy.  Dyinggggg. It's me to a tee, I was laughing so hard reading it.  I'm try so hard to be minimalist but I just can't quite get it.  I know I just have so much stuff I need to purge.

4. The Bachelor-  so I love Nick, but I'm sooo disappointed in the selection of girls!! They're all so young and none of them really stand out to me as potential. I just don't get the feeling that any of them are really there for love and they're just there to get famous.  Maybe I'm being to harsh but I'm not really looking forward to watching as much as I was.

5. The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale-  If you've been reading here long enough you know that I love Lilly Pulitzer.  These sales get me every time and I always spend so much more than I plan to, but the prices are so good it's hard not to!

Here are my favorites that I picked up below, all of these styles are go-to's for me and I own a few pieces in each. Only a few hours left to shop! Ends at 1pm today!

What are you loving this week?  Did you shop the Lilly Pulitzer sale?  

Have a great weekend friends! 

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  1. Out of the whole Bachelor bevvy of ladies, I only liked three: Vanessa (the Italian special ed teacher), Danielle (the neonatal nurse), and Raven (the girl from Arkansas). The rest are just AWFUL

  2. Great finds for Lilly. How do you think the shorts fit? I just ordered several pair and so nervous on the fit..

  3. no more naps?!?! vi has only been napping an hour a day and it's been SO hard to get anything done. i feel your pain mama. and i need to check out those floor puzzles! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Omg I am dying laughing over the wannabe minimalist! Get rid of everything is exactly how I felt the day after Christmas!!!

  5. That article was my favorite thing I read this week. You have to look at the other one I posted on my person FB page about the Bachelor, too! We love Usborn books! Greyson's favorite is Everybody Poops obvs ;)

  6. We LOVE the light up books! Our lil guy received a few floor puzzles for Christmas so I'm going to pull one out tonight! I forgot all about them!


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