Friday Favorites: My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Purchases

TGIF Everyone!  Hope you all have had a good week!  I'm back today with most of my purchases from the Nordstrom  Anniversary Sale.  This was good sale and I can't believe how much stuff is back ordered and sold out! I'm hoping if you all shopped you got everything you wanted.

So here we go... enjoy my round up of selfies ;)

For some reason I never took a picture of myself wearing the Hudson Nico Distressed jeans but they're so cute!  They fit really well and the high waist sucks you all in.  The distressed knees add a little something extra without being too much.  You could definitely dress these up or down.  

I've been wanting a pair of peep toe booties forever and I'm so glad I snagged these! They will be so fun to transition from summer to fall.  I already have so many outfits I'm scheming together for these plus they're really comfortable.  I don't wear heels and wedges much anymore but didn't have any problem or feel too tall walking around in these.

I had my eye on these Caslon slub knit tees too and I'm so glad I got them when I did as so many sizes are sold out.  I got a small and a medium to try and I think the small is a better fit for me.  My sister went with the medium but she wants them to have a looser fit. This is the small pictured below. 

This is the medium.  I just think it looks a little too big on me. 

My next purchase was this Lush v-neck crepe blouse.  Everyone raves about it but to be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to love it.  I was wrong.  I am obsessed and planning to pick it up in the black and possibly the red.  It's just such an easy basic piece to dress up or down and for $27 it's worth it.  

Excuse the totally awkward picture here, I have no idea what I'm doing with my one arm but I wanted to show you all this Sole Society Ranvin tote.  I'm a big bag girl, the bigger the better and this one is awesome.  It's faux leather but doesn't look cheap at all and it can fit all mine and the kids junk in it.  Plus since it didn't break the bank I don't have to stress about the kids ruining it with food ;)

The color of the bag really changes with the light I would say it's a light gray in some lights and almost an off white in others.  

I am still waiting on two back ordered purchases.  The Trina Turk one piece should arrive next week but the Vince Camuto Peera booties won't be here until September (insert sad emoji face here).  I also stocked up on my favorite Hanky Panky underwear too,

So there you have it!  If I buy anything else that I love I will keep you all updated.  I would love to hear if you shopped the sale.  
What did you buy?  Did you think the deals were good this year?  

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  1. I think I need to try these ever famous Trina Turk bathing suits. Report back and let me know if it's truly worth the price tag!

  2. I stocked up on those t-shirts too - the best! And I love your booties!

  3. I am wearing the red Lush top now, and I am in love.

  4. Looks like you scored some great basics in the sale! I'm thinking I need to place another order... Cheers, Laura

  5. I love everything! The striped shirts are my favorites.

  6. I got the lush blouse in green too and wasn't sure- but love it! Can't wait for fall to put it with black jeans (I ordered the vigoss destressed ones but they haven't arrived yet!) What denim shorts are you wearing?!

  7. The booties were all picked over in my size, boo! But you have sold me on the lush top. I picked up the Calson t-shirt in the burgundy color and love it so much I need to order more!

  8. Love that suit!! What I wanted sold out (it was makeup), but I scored a few items for the boys.

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  10. I can't wait get home and to my purchases finally! I feel like the Lush top is going to be the best one! I am super mad at myself for not getting those booties! They look so cute on you!

  11. Love the lush blouse on you!!! I think I might need one now!

  12. Omg LOVE those booties! :)


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