Thoughts for Thursday: Naptime Confessions

It's been awhile since I've done one of these.  Probably because Miller rarely naps these days (that's a whole other post) so my free time is severely lacking!

- I have failed on pretty much all my new years resolutions.

- My laundry is never ending these days.  I feel like right when I think I'm getting to the bottom of my pile two new piles pop up.  How do four people have so much laundry??

- I have been failing on cooking dinner lately.  Kyle was gone every single week almost M-F in January so I got used to just eating what the kids wouldn't eat or a bowl of cereal.  Now that he's home this week he's been whining to me about why I never cook.   Anyone have quick, easy healthy meals?!

- We booked a trip to Rosemary Beach in May in for my mom's 60th birthday! It will be my family, my sister's family and my parents.  I'm so excited!  Has anyone been?  Have any good recommendations for us?

- It's been so warm this week and the snow is finally melting so we've been able to get outside and burn some energy.

- We leave for Cancun in 12 days!! I am so excited!  I am hoping to get everyone packed and ready this weekend so that I'm not scrambling around at the last minute.  I promise I will overshare on instagram and snapchat (eastcoastnat on both)

- I just picked up this Aveeno Naturals Ultra Calming facewash because my skin has been so dry and red lately.  Has anyone ever used this?

- Has anyone read any good books lately?  I've been seriously slacking on reading but I haven't been able to find anything good!  Would love to hear your suggetions!

- My kids have been so picky with eating lately!! I swear they live on wheat crackers, waffles, and fruit pouches.  It's been so frustrating lately but no one wants to eat anything!  

- We started watching the OJ Simpson show last night and I'm super intrigued.  We will definitely keep up with it.  Also David Schwimmer playing Rob Kardashian is classic.

What's on your mind these days?  

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  1. I just watched the OJ show too! Can't wait for the next episode. We went to Rosemary Beach a few years ago and loved it. Natasha (Hello Happiness) goes every year and has great reviews that I used. SO jealous of your trip to Cancun!

  2. I would be more surprised if your kids didn't survive on a handful of foods. I swear they all find a few things they will eat and just eat those over and over and literally nothing else. Story of my life! I also use my crockpot almost every other day and make enough for me to eat for a few dinners/lunches since Josh is rarely around for dinner. If I have extra I put them in individual servings and freeze them so I have my own frozen dinners for rough nights.

  3. So excited for your Cancun trip! So fun. I read The Husbands Secret and The Pearl that Broke it's Shell and they were both great.

  4. I ask myself the laundry question everyday and it's only three of us. Sophie's in the changing her clothes every five seconds mode so we go through twice as much as we did.

    So exciting that you're going to Cancun!

    I almost never eat around Sophie because all she'll want is my food, but usually for regular meals we do pasta and chicken/hamburger and it's pretty quick for us. What about that? Sometimes it's just mac n cheese.

    liz @ j for joiner

  5. Jealous I want a trip to Cancun. Take me with you! J/K have fun! 10 more day!

  6. I feel ya on the laundry....and we only have 2 people in our household! Ha! As for dinners, I just posted a low carb roundup yesterday on the blog, and the shrimp sautee and crockpot carnitas are both really quick, easy, and delicious! As for books, I flew through The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls during the snow days!

  7. I'm so jealous of your upcoming trips - what a nice break in the action!

  8. So jealous about all your upcoming trips! My daughter won't eating anything either but I think we are finally on an upswing. When she doesn't want to eat I give her a smoothie every other day to get her the nutrients she's been missing out on.

  9. Easy, healthy meals--YES! The lasagana soup I made and posted last week--so yum (not super healthy or unhealthy), crockpot salsa chicken (set it and forget it)...zoodle recipes...

  10. Pack me in your bag to Cancun!!! I hate cooking so I am of ZERO help but I always vote crock pot when I have to!

  11. I've heard so many amazing things about Rosemary Beach!! That sounds like such a fun trip. I long for weeks when my man might not be longing for a homecooked me and I could just wing it and eat cereal. :) I'm intrigued with the OJ show and totally forgot it was coming on. I actually remember watching the real thing when it was going on....I guess that was really kind of our first real reality tv. Crazy

  12. Seaside-Great Southern Cafe, Bud & Alley's for dinner/drinks on the rooftop.
    Grayton Beach-The Red Bar (MUST GO!!!!!!!!) cash or check only, ATM on-site
    Rosemary and all the little beach neighborhoods are super close together. You will LOVE IT

  13. I LOVED Rosemary Beach!! I've only been once so it's hard for me to recommend anything, but I just loved the area! The town right next to it (Seacrest - literal steps away from Rosemary) had live music on their lawn every night that ended early which was so much fun and great for families! I just finished The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and it was fantastic! Could not recommend it enough!!

  14. I have pretty much failed at all of my new years resolutions as well, having 2 kids it is a never ending cleaning and cooking, therefore I find sanctuary in blogging. Btw, I'm now hosting a weekly Weekend Wear Fridays linkup and would love for you to stop by and share your styles. Have a great weekend.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  15. We didn't have a stove for 3 days (it broke and had to wait on the landlords to get a new one!) and it was the best!! didn't have to worry about cooking or dishes for a few days!! lol


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