Birthday Weekend Review

Happy Monday Friends!  I'm running a little late today because it's my birthday! Number 34 to be exact. I used to think that I would feel old the closer I got to 35 but I really don't.  I feel great and so blessed with where I am in life right now.  I could not be more thankful for my family and friends who I had a blast celebrating with this weekend.

Friday we had friends over for a morning playdate and then a pretty low key Friday.  Miller and Matthew have been napping at different times lately, and while it's exhausting for me some days not to have a break it's been so nice to have more one on one time with Matthew.  He is just the sweetest little snuggle bug and always wants me to read him books.

Saturday morning we had a big pancake breakfast and then I ran errands with the boys before we took them to my parents for the night.

Miller has been insisting that he doesn't need a nap but we still make him do rest time for an hour. Every day that I checked on him last week he was sound asleep on his floor next to his bed.

Saturday night we headed out with two other couples to celebrate my birthday and my friend's husband's birthday.  We went to dinner first and then ended up closing down the bar at 2am!!! I haven't been out that long in years and I was so paying for it majorly on Sunday.

This was the outfit I planned to wear but then switched out my shoes at the last minute.

Here are my outfits details:
Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top (old print but similar here and here)// Gigi New York All in One clutch  (old color) // 7FAM the skinny jeans// J.Crew Factory Suede D'orsay pumps 

Sunday night we had my family over to celebrate my birthday and watch the Super Bowl.   

My sister showed up at my house and we were basically matching ;)  We do this often but this time might have been the worst.  A few of you asked on instagram about my jeans and they are my favorite Distressed Blank Denim jeans.  I found this brand on Shopbop back in the fall.  They're so good and totally affordable!

My sister made the most delicious dessert for my birthday. An oreo brownie trifle.   It was so, so good.  I may have eaten some for breakfast ;) 

The best little candle blowing out helper.  He's also asked about 10 times today when we can eat birthday cake and sing again.  

We are only 8 days away from Cancun!! Cannot wait to escape this cold weather especially since snow is in the forecast for tonight.  

Hope you all have a great Monday and week ahead!   


  1. Where are you guys staying in cancun !? We're thinking about planning a trip! I'd love your suggestions.

  2. Happy Birthday! That oreo trifle looks AMAZING! And so jealous you are headed to the sand and sun!

  3. 2 am! That's insane and so fun! Happy Belated birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! And I love your outfits this weekend! I want to steal your style!

  5. Ok, kids are hilarious, and I love that you caught Miller sleeping on the floor by his bed. Too funny and adorable! AND...Loved your outfit for your birthday (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!) and that oreo trifle has my stomach growling! Yum!

  6. Happy Birthday!! That oreo trifle looked amazing- glad you were able to have a fun weekend to celebrate!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! You looked beautiful for your big night out - love the outfit and love those J Crew pumps! Hopefully the hangover was well worth it and I'm sure it was :) Very jealous of your upcoming trip can't wait to hear about where you stay in Cancun!


  8. Happy birthday!!!

    Sophie has that exact table and she loves it and she's two! Sophie is the same way with books! Reading the same one over and over and over again.

    Is this the room that you made into the playroom off the kitchen? The one that you were hesitant on?

    That brownie....oh my gosh!!

    liz @ j for joiner

  9. Happy Birthday :) that Oreo trifle looks sooooo good ! Love that Lilly Elsa top.

  10. Happy birthday!! I love your birthday outfit! Sounds like a great weekend

  11. Happy belated birthday!! Cute outfits as always!

  12. happy birthday! that oreo trifle! YUM! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. Happy Birthday, Natalie! So glad I found your blog. I love reading about your life !

  14. Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like a great weekend with a mix of low key and out on the town!


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