Thoughts for Thursday: Closet Space Organization Help!

Happy Thursday! Just a reminder we will not be doing TfT next week since it's Thanksgiving! Hope you all have fun plans with your families.

After three months of living in our new house I finally got around to organizing our master bedroom closet.  I spent nap time last week cleaning it out, moving summer clothes to storage, and getting rid of things I never wear.  While it feels much better I still don't feel like it's totally organized and I need some help.  

What do you all do with your jeans?  Do you hang them up?  I used to hang mine up but then I ran out of closet space at our old house so I started folding them on the shelf.   I'm thinking of hanging them again.

How do you store handbags? If you have designer bags do you keep them in their dust bags?

How about shoes?  The shoes I currently wear are in the shoe rack and on the shelves.  My summer shoes and special occasion shoes are in boxes on the floor but this feels cluttered to me.

Here is a look at our closet, mostly just my side though because Kyle's is unorganized.  I had the hardest time photographing it with the lighting so bear with me :)
Here is what you see when you walk in.  As I mentioned I keep summer/special occasion shoes in the shoe boxes on the floor. The shelf has handbags, jeans, sweaters, and sweatshirts.  It's looking so bare because I just cleaned out so many I didn't need.  

I organize my closet by item type.  The back is jackets, vest, hanging sweaters, and blouses.   Then shoes then on the right side closest to the door it's cotton shirts, tunics, button downs, skirts and dresses.  

Here is how I keep my shoes lined up now.  Would you keep shoes on these shelves?  

Longchamp bags, jackets, vest, sweaters, and blouses.  

Here is a shot from inside the closet showing part of Kyle's stuff.  I have a lot of space to work with but I'm not really sure where to go from here.  

Would love to hear any and all organization tips?!  I feel like this closet has so much potential that we aren't using.  

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  1. It looks pretty organized to me! I am big on organization and storage bc we don't have a lot of closet space! I'm currently taking up over half of our master closet and our guest bedroom closet! I just started hanging my jeans and I like it so much better than folding bc you can see all of them and access them better. I keep handbags on a shelf (designer ones in dust bags). We have a built in shoe organizer in our closet that I use for all my shoes and I store boots at the bottom lined up under my clothes. We also store all off season clothes in plastic bins in the basement. Love your new closet! Looks so spacious!

  2. Could you do re-do and rebuild parts of it? Like this? or this?

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  3. I don't have any tips. Just wanted to say I am so jealous of your closet!

  4. You have an amazing closet space! I would throw all of those nice shoes on the floor in clean boxes so you can see them and they look more uniform. They sell them in 10 packs at Target some times or the Container store. I love how you have your bags lined up so they retain their shape and you can see what you have. You should technically store them in the dust bags, but then I think you forget what you have. On your shoe shelf, have you considered turning one shoe around back wards? It will open up even more space there for you. I always organized by type and love keeping my folded clothes in open fabric shelves that sort of serve as dividers. Again, LOVE your closet!

  5. Oh my goodness you have awesome closet space. So much room for shoes!

  6. I keep my shoes in the hall closet downstairs cause I put them on right as I'm leaving and hate carrying them up and down the stairs. I only keep special occasion shoes in my actual closet. I fold jeans but I honestly don't own a ton. I just wear the same pairs a lot ;).

  7. You should Konmari! (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up). It is really life changing magic, I'm hooked :) You will be organized for the rest of your life. Not only your things, but also yourself. If you are wondering what your next step should be (career/sahm), you need to Konmari. She will help you uncover your path. It is intimidating at first, but just like every truly great thing in life, it is so worth it once you start!


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