Old Navy Hits and Misses

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I don't know about you all but I always find stuff at Old Navy that I love online or on other people but rarely looks good on me.  My sister has amazing luck at Old Navy and I feel like I have luck every once in awhile.    The ON happens to be right next to my Target so I pop in there often but it's been a few months since I've been in.  Since I've been browsing the website over the past few weeks and stuff looked so good I had to try some stuff on.

I'm happy to say I was actually successful! I feel like I was able to really find a lot of good "mom friendly chic" clothes as I like to call them.  Meaning I can run errands and go to playdates in them and feel cute but not too dressed up.   As usual I had some misses so I figured I would share with you all.   For reference I'm 5'9" and size small/medium top (I'm pretty flat chested ;)  and 6/8 bottoms.

I forgot to mention earlier that Old Navy is having 40% off and 3 day free shipping with the code RUSH so take advantage of it while you can!


Obsessed with this sweater!! I picked it up in the black stripe but I'm going to order the gray stripe online.  I wish they made it in a solid black color because it would be perfect.  Long enough to be worn with skinny jeans and possibly leggings.  

The picture doesn't really do this sweater justice.  It looks much better in person.  I have a long torso and I could easily wear this with leggings if I wanted.  The v neck looks like it could be a little deep on certain people but it's easy to layer a tank or shirt underneath.   Super soft and comfy too! 

I'm not even going to pretend, this looked so ugly on the hanger.   I actually just grabbed it to try under a poncho but ended up loving it!   The length is great and could be worn with leggings if you want.  I think it's perfect for laying under ponchos, vests, or sweaters but would probably be a little thin to wear on it's own depending on where you live.  

I picked up one of these in black and light gray to layer with my over-sized cardigan sweaters this winter.  I have been hunting for shirts that are long enough and these are perfect!  Plus the cotton is so soft and lays well.  

This vest is my new favorite vest.  As much as I love my J.Crew Excursion vests they can be a little thin in the winter but this one is warm and cozy so I see myself getting a ton of wear out of it.   

Looking for a new scarf but don't want to get eaten by a blanket scarf?!  Then grab this one!  I love the green plaid for something a little different and it's more of a true scarf than a blanket scarf so it's not as much material to fold and configure but still cute.  Also it's only $14 

I have been looking for this exact scarf for a couple of years now.  My sister has one like this from a local boutique and I've never been able to find one close enough until now.  This ON one is perfect and so soft.  No itchy material here!  They have it in so many colors I might add a gray and black one to my collection.  

Love love love these!! They are cute and flattering and look great for the gym or just running errands.  ON Active wear has gotten so good over the past few years.  

It wasn't all sunshine and roses and I ran into a few pieces that I wanted to love but they just didn't look right on me.  


This shirt looks so cute on everyone else but me! I was so sad to finally try it on only to discover it just looked all wrong.  It was way to wide across the chest in the small but the xsmall was too tight on my shoulders.  It was perfect otherwise and would probably work if you're more blessed than me in the boob department.  

 I loved this one so much and wanted it to look cute on me.  I took it off and put it on at least three times but it just didn't work.  It wasn't long enough on me and it was too boxy.   I feel like it would work well for someone around medium height.  It's oversized so you definitely need to size down.  

Since I loved the sleeveless version of this top I thought I would love the longsleeve too but it was kind of blah. The sleeves were a little loose on me but they're made of stretchy material so it looked weird and after I pushed them up like the model above did they were all stretched out looking.  I mean the shirt is only $10 so you can't really expect much but was hoping I had found something good.  

I am not a mock turtleneck person.  If you are then run out and buy this poncho because everything about it is perfect.  I just cannot pull off the mock neck.  It doesn't work for me which was so disappointing because it really is so cute.  Would be great with leggings and boots this winter.  

Do you shop at Old Navy?  Do you have luck there?   Anything you love or hate about Old Navy?  

*this post was not sponsored in anyway by Old Navy I just like to share my honest opinions about clothes I love and hate :) 

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  1. The hits look awesome! I really like that vest you found too!
    I hate when you're super excited about something that you've seen on everyone else, and it just doesnt look right when you try it on!

  2. ahh thanks for this!! I'm really loving some of ON winter pieces this year too. I'm going to have to try some of those longer sweater/tunics. Those are so nice to throw on with skinny jeans an run out the door looking mostly put together (even if I usually don't have a change to put on makeup!).

  3. Old Navy is SO hit or miss...I stocked up this fall with some cute things, but I have returned everything I've bought in the last few weeks. UGH...I wish they were more consistent! Thanks for sharing your opinion, though!! I just added a sweater and tank to my cart! :)

  4. Did you know I was getting shopping money for my birthday yesterday!? I do love ON because they can have some great clothes that don't break the bank. And even if you don't want to pay full price, wait for a sale or coupon code to order online! I love all of your hits I may need to pick up all of these!! Thanks for sharing all of these!1

  5. I feel like Old Navy has really stepped it up the past few years! Like you, I'm hit-or-miss, though. Their plain black, cropped yoga pants are my absolute favorite.

  6. I love Old Navy!! I never feel bad if a marker or spaghetti sauce makes it onto my clothing if I can find a deal. I love the chunky scarf! I've been eyeing the plaid buttondown for a while and I'm so sad it didn't work on you! I'm so flat chested I'm guessing I'd have the same issue. Love the mock neck poncho - maybe I'll have to make a trip tomorrow! Love this post!

  7. sorry - for some reason it used an old account for me :)

  8. Great round-up! I've just placed two orders (oops) and now I may be placing a third... #Iblamethesale

  9. Now I want that first striped sweater! Too bad the flannel shirts don't fit you well, I love them! I never used to shop at ON because I needed to dress up for work. Now that I'm home with Noah I shop there a lot and really love some of their stuff!

  10. ON is my jam! I can do some serious damage. Im bummed because I totally loved the black stripe vneck tunic but the drop shoulder hem felt so stiff and scratchy, I ended up returning because I cant do uncomfortable. I would love to get the vest but I just went crazy at Gap's F and F sale ;)

  11. Looks like I need to make a stop at ON! I usually shop there, but for the last 9 months I've been pregnant so I haven't browsed there much knowing I couldn't wear anything there until Dec. I love all the longer tops you showed. I'm going to need things like that post baby for sure!!

  12. I love the hits! And too bad the rounded hem t didn't fit that well either, because I love that one too.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  13. Your hits are so cute! Don't you hate when you find something that you really want to love, and then it doesn't look good on you? So frustrating!

  14. great post! i love hearing what ppl really love and hate. ordering a scarf today! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  15. You had some really good luck! My problem with ON is always the same as yours - it looks great online and then I get it. Their fit is so all over the place, which can be so frustrating. I'm glad you scored so well!

  16. I am the same, I find ON to be hit or miss in the womens section but the boys section always knocks it out of the park! Luck for me since I have two growing boys! I find the cuts are wrong, very boxy with no "feminine" shaping. Don't know if that's just a trend thing or because of the lesser price point. Love that vest though, can't go wrong with that! xx www.celebratingthislife.ca

  17. I love hit and misses posts! ON is always a go to for me for easy momiform clothes. I'm glad you found a few great pieces! I want to get some of those sweaters to wear with leggings!

  18. Stopped by last night and bought two pairs of their black leggings. They're a great thick material and have a great waistband that sucks you in. They're currently on sale for $12. Worth a shot!


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