Saturday Shopping: Diaper Bag Dilema

I am on the hunt for a new diaper bag that will hold everything I need for two babies under two.   In August when I was pregnant I purchased the Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.

I had planned for this to be my diaper bag once Matthew arrived. I started using it in September with just Miller and I loved it.  Since Matthew has arrived the stuff I need feels like it's multiplied by ten and this diaper bag just doesn't cut it anymore. Lately I've been using the above diaper bag and my Gigi New York Teddie tote. While this combination works I quickly realized it's hard to carry two kids and two bags with you everywhere you go.  In order to simplify my already chaotic life I feel like I need to just give in and carry one big bag. 

I have my eye on the following bags and would love some feedback if anyone has any of these bags:

I actually had this diaper bag in white when Miller was an infant but it got a bad diet coke stain on it (that's what I get for having a white bag) so it had to be thrown out.  I loved how big it was with multiple pockets and the cross body option.  The only problem is the price tag. I would love to stay under $100 if possible.

The multiple  pockets is a huge draw for me on this bag and I love the simple chic black nylon. It won't show stains and cleans easily.  It also fits my requirement of under $100.

I tried this bag in person and it's huge so I can fit a ton of stuff in it but it only has three pockets which might not be enough to keep me organized. It also doesn't have a crossbody option. 

I LOVE this last Kate Spade bag but it's out of my price range right now. I'm hoping maybe it will show up on sale one day. It has a ton of  pockets but isn't too bulky and doesn't scream diaper bag.

Does anyone have any of these diaper bags or any suggestions for a diaper bag for two under two?


  1. I love my Kate Spade Stevie bag. It is pretty large {and bonus, it totally works as a large purse later - which I feel is always necessary with young kids!} My kids are spread out, ages 9, 4 and 8 mos, but I do find I can easily fit snacks in for the other two and the two side pockets are large enough for drinks for them {or water bottles for me} while there are two bottle holders on the inside of the bag. I caught it on a great sale, it is their pink and orange leopard one {LOVE!}, so maybe watch for sales, or check eBay? It also straps to your stroller so you don't have to put it at the bottom basket!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  2. I swoon for that Kate Spade bag! The cognac Pottery Barn bag is definitely more my price point though. It looks quite spacious. My only concern would be, will items get lost in the bottomless pit without many pockets to keep items organized? Plus, I might want something with a longer strap in addition to the regular straps just in case. Chelsea Downtown seems like it's the clear winner. :) Good luck, I'm already on the hunt again!

  3. Such a bummer about that first bag!! It sounds like the Chelsea Downtown bag is a great option and its cute! I have the Kate Spade Stevie bag which I think is great but may be an issue later with 2 babes... I added a cross body strap to it (bought it off Amazon) and attached it to the hooks where the stroller straps start so you could always do something like that if a bag doesn't have the cross body option!

  4. I have the PB Classic and agree for all the reasons you listed - it's perfect!! Would recommend for a few extra $ you'll get an amazing diaper bag

  5. I have the Pottery Barn Classic and I love it :) I hope you find a great one that works for you.. I love the Backpacks also from Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  6. I think no matter what bag you choose, the best thing is to have little baggies inside the bag. I've started doing this recently and it's made my baby bag waaaay more organised with the two kids. You know a bag for diaper stuff, one for feeding. I use ziplock bags - not pretty but helps me to be way more organised.

  7. I have one from Pottery Barn and I love it! It is huge and holds all Camden's stuff perfectly. I think mine is a bit smaller than the one you posted above, so that one would be perfect for 2 babies!

  8. I have the Pottery Barn diaper bag and absolutely love it. I had also gotten a Marc by Marc Jacobs diaper bag and loved my PB one so much I returned the MJ one. If you do get it, I would recommend a day color, I have it in gray and my only bummer is that it gets dirty pretty easily.

  9. I have the same small skip hop as you… And I can see it being too small especially with two babies. Love the look and size of the large PBK classic one.

  10. I actually use a big tote (Tory Burch Kerrington) that has only one small pocket. I use smaller zippered pouches inside to keep organized. I find I like it better than built in pockets because I can grab a smaller pouch when needed. I can grab the diapers and wipes pouch for a quick change rather than pulling the full bag from under the stroller or the snack pouch at lunch, etc. The ones you shared are all cute!

  11. I use a large Longchamp as my purse/baby bag for 2 kiddos-holds it all, and for my #1 I only bring along the diapee and wipee and sippy cup. Baby gets the rest! I just feel like expensive diaper bags are a waste because you don't use them for that long.

  12. I am on the hunt for a new diaper bag that will hold everything I need for two babies under two. In August when I was pregnant I purchased the ... bbabydiaperbags.blogspot.com

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