Life Lately, Loft, and Lilly Pulitzer

Happy first Monday of 2015! I have a big cup of coffee and I'm ready to tackle the day!

Are you all ready for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale? It starts at 8am sharp today.  If you're not familiar it's a huge sale that Lilly does online only twice a year. You can get a lot of stuff for almost 50% retail prices! I suggest checking it out.  The also offer free shipping so if you  see something you like it's best to check out and then go back and shop again so you don't miss it!

I finally got a new camera! I went with the Nikon Coolpix L830.  I haven't used it too much but so far I really like it. I still need to read the whole manual and really learn how to use it but I snapped so really cute pictures of the kids so far. I promise to share a review once I've used it a little more. I decided to go with a point and shoot to start before I just plunged into a DSLR. Plus I was able to get this on sale for $199!

We decided to do some day drinking on New Year's Eve since we knew we weren't going out that night.  We met up with my sister and her husband in Baltimore at Cross Street market for some cheese fries and big beers.

Miller loves doing cheers with people. My parents taught him that.

In an effort to feel less depressed about this post baby body I decided to do a little shopping this weekend.  My parents offered to babysit so I could get the mall alone and it was so nice!  I stopped into Loft and found a few cute practical tops that are flattering and mom friendly! It had been a long time since I'd been in Loft but since I saw a lot of you talking about how good it was lately I had to check it  out.

I'm obsessed with this sweater. It's actually all in one and is really comfy and flattering. They have it in black and white online only which I might pick up too.

 Here are the other tops I picked up:

So comfy and flattering

I picked this one up in the cream and gray. Again cute and very flattering for the post baby body 

I really wanted this shirt after seeing it on Ally and a couple bloggers but it just isn't practical for me right now. If it goes on sale though I might snag it.

In a very rare event my first baby fell asleep on me yesterday. I could have laid there all day snuggling with him since he never ever wants to snuggle anymore.  I soaked up every moment of that hour.



  1. A friend of mine has the blue stripe top - it is so cute! What a deal on the camera. I'm debating the Lilly sale - I am a terrible impulse buyer because I usually return when I do and none of the sale can be returned! Love the picture of Miller sleeping on you! so sweet!

  2. I am so ready to go shopping for non-maternity clothes! Love those tops you picked from Loft! And that photo of Miller doing cheers is so cute, I have no doubt my husband will teach our little guy that eventually. haha

  3. im so excited to shop for non-maternity clothes.... only a few more months ;) love that polka dot top!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Yay for shopping sans kids! It definitely is such a confidence booster to have a few new items in your wardrobe. So excited for you to get a fancy camera! You'll love it!!!

  5. I love that sweater on you - it's amazing!! Can't wait for your full review of the camera since we're in the market for a new one!! happy Monday girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Love your new camera! Mathew's bear hat is so cute! I need to check out the loft stat! I never shop there, but everything you posted looks so cute!

  7. Yay for new cameras!! LOVE the shirts, especially the blue striped one!

  8. Love your new camera! Can't wait to hear how you like it! You look amazing in the loft sweater! Go Nat!

  9. You and Pris are so pretty :)

    I have been loving the Loft too! My NYC friends make fun of me. ha.

  10. Love that sweet picture of Miller sleeping. I'm so happy for you that you got to do some non-maternity shopping!! Hooray. You look amazing already, so I know it made shopping fun. Plus you got to do it alone! How amazing is that???

  11. I have and love that camera! I need to get used to using it more but the upload functionality is awesome. Love the clothing picks!

  12. love that two in one top! I might need to get one myself!

  13. well that is a beautiful camera!!! and i love that top you tried on at the loft, great color on you

  14. I've been eyeing that Mixed Media shirt too! Love the striped shirt you bought! Loft has really stepped it up lately!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  15. Love the picture of Miller cheers-ing! I always love Loft when I shop there, but often forget about it when I'm at the mall! Love your finds--especially that two in one sweater!


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