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Hi Everyone! Today I have Zoe from The Latina Lens sharing What's in her bag!  I stumbled upon Zoe's blog a year or so ago and have been a reader ever since. She's a working mom with two adorable little girls. In my opinion she makes the working mom thing look easy since she's got two kids, a full time job, and still finds time to write a blog! I can barely find time to take a shower these days so she has me completely impressed.  Thanks so much for helping me out Zoe and make sure you stop by and say Hi!

Hello East Coast Chic readers! My name is Zoe and I blog over at The Latina Lens where you'll find my family's adventures, my love for Old Navy and lots of #creativehashtags!

A big thank you to Nat for having me guest post here while she is on her blogging maternity leave! I cannot wait to see #babyboyH and how cute his mommy will be dressing him!

As a working Mom of two girls, my purse is often the catch all for everything - diapers, folders, daycare sheets and lots of snacks always find their way into my bag. I have to admit, sometimes my shoulder is sore at the end of the day from carrying around so much crap! This is why I need a really big bag, and even though my husband always makes fun of me for having so much stuff, it's really a life saver!

My life motto
Here is what I carry around with me no matter what!

Coach Park Metro: My Mother In Law (aka fairy godmother) got me this bag for Christmas, since it was listed as the number one working woman's bag. Love her for that. This bag is large enough to fit everything but still stylish and sturdy. I have used it as my large carry on for shorter trips and it has never done me wrong. I also love that when the girls inevitably spill something on it, it's wipes up very easily.

iPad: When I first got my iPad, I would take it with me wherever I went. I loved having it on hand to read a book or surf the web, but I started to become paranoid that I would leave it somewhere, and so I started leaving it at home. My four year old basically made the iPad her own and there were so many children's apps on it that I didn't even have room to download a magazine! So now I have officially taken control back and have started taking it everywhere with me. The iPad is a life saver on long flights (thank God for iTunes movie rentals on flights to the West Coast) and also a great tool to catch up on all my favorite blogs!

Planner: As much as I love my iPad and my iPhone, there is nothing better than having all of my appointments written down in a planner. I am always thinking about making the switch to iCal, but I don't think that I can function without a planner. While I know there are a lot of people out there that love their fancy planners, I could not see myself spending more than $20 on a planner. My go-to store for planners is Barnes and Noble, especially at the beginning of the year when they price them all at 50% off! #stealofadeal

Leopard Print Cosmetic Bag: I am a fan of #leopardonleopardonleopard. I have had this bag forever and use to it to store not only makeup, but anything that is loose in my purse. Pens, bobby pins, spare tampons and really everything else is stored in this cute little bag.

Coach Legacy Wallet: Another awesome gift from my Mother In Law, who understands my affinity for orange and Coach. I love this wallet because it's small enough to fit into my diaper bag when I want to just carry that for the day and also it's orange #enoughsaid.

Coupon Organizer: Because I need to carry around hundreds of coupons, store reward cards, and spare memory cards. I have had this organizer since college, and I don't have the heart to upgrade to something fancier. If you have a better way of organizing these things, please let me know!

Nikon D3200: Just like my iPad, I have been way too paranoid about bringing my DSLR with me everywhere, but once I realized I was not using it to it's full potential, I started throwing it in the bag with everything else. I love being able to pull it out and take pictures of the girls when I pick them up at school or when we take random trips to see my Mom and Dad after work. Also, my husband assured me that I have a pretty robust insurance policy, so if something goes wrong, I am covered.

Wireless Mobile Adapter: One of my major concerns when I purchased my DSLR was that I would not be able to upload my new fancy pictures to Instagram (#sadbuttrue) and so when I discovered that they sell a piece that plugs right into your camera to make it wireless, I had to have it. It's a very easy process and not expensive at all!

Not pictured is my iPhone, because let's be real, that thing NEVER leaves my hand!



  1. Beautiful purse and I like how even though you carry so much it's still super organized. My purse can use some organization!

    1. This was seriously on a good day. I probably have 300 goldfish crackers at the bottom of it right now!

  2. These are my favorite posts!!! I love the color of your legacy wallet - so pretty!

  3. So much stuff yet it isn't overwhelming because of all the organization!! Do you just throw your camera in naked or do you put it in a bag if some sort? I have the same camera and am fearful of toting it around...sometimes Lily likes to knock my purse over, etc

    1. I do carry it around naked, but I know I shouldn't. I am looking for a cute and sturdy option to keep it in my purse, but haven't come across it yet.

  4. Love your bag, I have a big Coach one similar to this and it's great for carrying everything!

  5. Love all of those bags inside the bag! My kinda lady ;)


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