Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Hello everyone!! Did you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the long weekend?!  We did but man were we busy! It doesn't look like December is slowing down either since we have 1-2 events every weekend.   I love this time of year so I really can't complain. 

Life with two under two hasn't been as awful as I predicted (so far).  It's amazing how little sleep I can survive on these days.  I'm averaging 3-6 scattered hours a night but I'm starting to see Matthew fall into a bit of a routine. Once he hits the four week mark we should be able to let him sleep longer than the 3-4 hours between feedings at night. 
In general though Matthew is such a good baby.  I'm not sure if it's his personality or the fact that were much calmer parents this time around but having a new born is the easy part!!   Our toddler on the other hand  is a  piece of work and keeps me busier than I ever imagined!!

We usually go up to PA to my in laws for Thanksgiving but decided to stay local this year since it would be too much to travel with a newborn. In was my first time having Thanksgiving with my side of the family in 8 years!  
I was so busy with the kids I barely snapped any photos but did get a few. My cousin who's an awesome photographer took a few good family photos of the four of us that I'm just waiting to get back this week. 

I loved my mom's simple table setting this year. 

On Friday we got our tree and put it up!! So far only the lights are on but were going to try to decorate a little each night this week. We failed to get a family picture since it was freezing and we didn't want to keep Matthew outside too long. Miller was completely mesmerized by the guys with the chain saws sawing off the bottoms of the trees. He would have watched them all day long if we let him. 

On Saturday Kyle's brothers, sister in laws, and two nieces came to visit and meet Matthew. Miller had so much fun playing with his cousins and Matthew was spoiled with tons of love and presents. My nieces could not get enough of the "cute baby" and wanted to hold him all day. It was too sweet.

Sunday we went to a friends son's 2nd birthday.  It's always so fun to watch miller run around with kids his age. The cake had a Thomas the train on it and all the boys were going nuts trying to get their hands on the toy.

Yup there is Miller lunging for the cake to get the Thomas toy. Let's just say there were about 3 little boys including Miller crying because they couldn't have Thomas.

I wore my new J.Crew vest in buffalo check this weekend and got a ton of compliments on it. This is my third one these vests and I just love them!

Well I hope you  all have a great Monday! As must as I love the long weekends I'm ready for everyone to get back in their routines today.


  1. Matthew looks so sweet and snuggly!! It sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love the shot of the girlies holding Matthew. Poor Miller with the train cake!!

  2. Such a great Thanksgiving! You're handling two little ones so well, I was such a mess at this point with two! I love the boys crying over Thomas - I feel like there are breakdowns over that kind of stuff at every party we go to ugh!!

  3. Sounds like an awesome time! I love seeing pics of Matthew pop up on Insta! He is such a cutie!

  4. What a wonderful Thanksgiving and I can't even believe how big he's getting!! You look fantastic girl - so amazing!!

  5. The kids are adorable! That cake looks awesome.

  6. Love your update and so happy you got to spend Thanksgiving with your family!! Your Mom did a beautiful job on the table and I love seeing Matthew with his sweet cousins. It brings me a little peace hearing you say that 2 kids hasn't been as bad as you thought. Wish I could come play with all of you!! Brody and Miller would have too much fun together. That buffalo vest is in my shopping cart today for cyber Monday and I'm pretty sure I will pull the trigger. You look awesome already :)

  7. That vest is fabulous! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving weekend with the fam- your boys are too cute!

  8. Matthew is SUCH a cute baby :) love your outfit mama! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. How happy were you that you didn't have to travel? Miller's expressions crack me up.

  10. Hah Matthew's face is so funny in the striped set - looks like he is working on something ;) What a gorgeous table scape. Glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving and your outfit is so cute!

  11. Matthew is simply too cute! Good for you mama handling the newborn stage so well! It has definitely been an adjustment for me. I never realized how much I enjoyed my 7 - 8 hours of sleep before baby! Love your buffalo check vest and you look so great for just having a baby! I am not ready for the selfies yet :/

  12. So glad you got to have Thanksgiving with your side. Love that buffalo check vest. Also, love that picture of the girls holding Matthew! So sweet! xo

  13. He is so gorgeous girl!!!!

    I have been living in my excursion vest as well! It just goes with everything!

  14. I really want that vest now! I had hopes of finding a cute J.Crew vest this weekend for Black Friday but there weren't any left in store! :( Miller looks so precious with his paci. I don't know what it is but kids with paci's melt my heart.

  15. This sounds so much like our holiday. I agree, the newborn is so easy compared to having a toddler. Who knew?! So many veteran moms laugh when I say that, but I was not expecting that at all! Love the vest, love the adorable baby photos. Keep them coming!


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