What's in My Diaper Bag? Mid Week Muse

Just like with houses I'm nosy and love to see what people carry around in their handbags or diaper bags.  I switch my bag up all the time but lately I've been carrying this diaper bag below. 

I was lucky enough to snag this during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for only $44.00!  It's the first traditional diaper bag I've owned in almost a year and my intention was to save it until baby boy #2 arrived.  Well shortly after receiving it I decided to give it a spin and I have been obsessed with it ever since. 

I was drawn to this bag because of the preppy look with the white, gray stripe, and tan handles and was sold when I found out the whole thing was coated cotton canvas and could be machine washed or sprayed down with a hose if needed.  

Here is my bag:

I love that the bag features one large compartment with two large pockets that I use for diapers and sunscreen/bug spray/other creams as needed.  Then one smaller compartment where I store my keys, phone, pens, etc.  On the outside are two roomy exterior pockets where I keep sippy cups, snacks, and pacifiers for quick grabbing.

It also has the stroller straps which I have found are key when I'm out for a long day and don't want to carry a bag all day.  I'm not sure how I survived for so long without attaching my bag to my stroller.  I'm pretty sure that makes me officially a mom now.

Here is what goes inside the diaper bag: 

From Left to right going across: 

1. Kate Spade wallet (old, similar here) and Louis Vuitton mini pouchette (had this forever) which I use as a cosmetics case. I usually carry my planner with  me but I'm waiting for my new one to arrive so I don't have one at the moment that fits in the purse.

2. Munchkin straw sippy cup- these are our favorites right now! Nuk pacifier (you can never carry too many pacifiers when you have a paci addict), Munchkin snap trap, and snacks. Our standard snacks are goldfish, nutrigrain bars, and a kind bar for me.  

3. Diapers and wipes. This is a no brainer and must have. I use Babyganics diapers and Target  Up & Up unscented wipes. The Babyganics have been great on Miller's sensitive skin and keep diaper rash and eczema at bay.

4. Cell phone, keys, pens, and hand sanitizer. Kids are gross. I highly suggest the hand sanitizer to all moms.

5. Babyganics spray sunscreen.  Again the Babyganics is great for Miller's sensitive skin and the spray leads to an easier application with a squirmy baby. 

6. Disposable Disney placemats and Babies r us disposable bibs.  The placemats are my favorite! Miller is still way too young to not throw a plate on the floor so these placemats are perfect for when we're out at restaurants so he doesn't have to eat right off the table. Plus the Mickey Mouse scene on them can usually distract him on and off through dinner. The disposable bibs are nice too so you don't have to bring home a dirty food encrusted bib. 

You might be wondering where the toys are but I really don't carry any toys for Miller unless we are going to be somewhere for a long time.  He's in the throwing stage and has very little interest in his own toys when we're out so they all end up on the floor.   If we're grocery shopping or at Target I can usually give him the list to hold or a box of pasta to shake around. At dinner he would much rather bang spoons on the table than play with toys so I don't bother with them anymore.

What do you keep in your diaper bag/handbag?  Do you like a lot of pockets or just one big bottomless black hole for a bag?

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  1. Love these types of posts - I'm right there with ya on being nosy ha. Where the heck is your Chapstick? It's my must!

  2. I've yet to fill our diaper bag...but I love the idea of disposable bibs! I didn't realize that you could purchase them, and I love the idea of being able to toss and go!

  3. I did a diaper bag post not too long ago too! Back then, I had the J.J. Cole System 180 (which is a very nice bag) but I've since "upgraded" to the Kate Spade Stevie in pink and orange leopard - could not resist. It will be a big purse later ;-)

  4. I am nosy too!! Your bag is so clean. I have at least 10 empty fruit chew wrappers, a sock and a lid but no cup or vise versa. HA!

  5. I was going to buy that bag during the anniversary sale!! By the time I decided to commit, it was sold out :( It's so cute! I have a while to figure out what to put in mine but definitely saving this post for later!

  6. Cute bag! Lots of great storage. With Blaire being older and potty trained, I haven't carried around baby bag stuff in a while. Guess that's about to change again! This was a good reminder. :) I've never had a traditional baby bag so I usually get pouches to hold/organize stuff. But more often than not, my bag is stuffed full and I'm digging to find what I'm looking for. I should probably look into a bag organizer this time around to keep organized.

  7. Super cute bag!! We are still at the stage where we need an outfit and a burp cloth - this girl can poop through everything. I'm a black hole kinda girl and I kinda love it drives my husband nuts. I emptied my bag last week to reorganize and sent a pic to him - receipts, Oreos, cars, lots of interesting finds.

  8. Love that bag! I don't need a new one, but it's awfully cute. . .

  9. I love that bag! I've always wanted a LV Neverfull as a diaper bag, I know it's totally dumb, and there are so many cute actual diaper bags out there too. Cute phone case!

  10. I have this same diaper bag!!!! I haven't used it yet because I'm due next week but I can't wait to start carrying it around!

  11. I love that bag and was contimplating getting it! I registered for one from pottery barn that is a similar shape and size. I hope I like it! Maybe I'll get the Skip Hop one for back up :)

  12. love that bag!! i've been looking for a good sippy cup - will have to try out that one! :) what planner did you go with?

  13. Love getting a peek in your diaper bag!! I'm the same way toys these days. I leave them at home. Our diaper bag is filled with very similar stuff except ours includes a BOTTLE!! This is something I keep meaning to ask you about. Brody is bottle obsessed. He's a milk monster. He does not tolerate me giving him milk in a sippy cup. He will drink water or juice from a sippy cup but not milk. He gets so pissed. Tell me your tips for transitioning. Did ya'll go straight to a straw? Brody loves drinking out of my straws. He drinks my water or smoothies from a straw. Maybe I should just go that route?


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