Thoughts for Thursday: Confessions

It's been awhile since I've done one of these so I thought it was time.

- I've had a Chick-fil-a chocolate milkshake every week for the past 3 weeks.  When I'm bitching in January about not being able to lose baby weight please remind me of this.

- The pregnancy insomnia is killing me. Tuesday night I was awake until 2:30am, got up to use the bathroom at 4:30am, and then Miller was up at 6:30am.  Let's say there was a lot of playing on the floor and tv watching yesterday.   

- I have less than 7 weeks until baby boy #2's arrival. We were 90% sure on a name and then Kyle decided he isn't sure so now we're leaning toward our second name. I'm not sure I love either but can't think of any others!! 

- We still have not finished painting the nursery. I'm biting my tongue on that subject because Kyle is trying his hardest to complete it but with his schedule and constant traveling it's not really happening.  Fingers crossed it gets done this weekend.  If not my painter will be here asap.   #nesting #nopatience 

-  I'm getting to the really uncomfortable stage of pregnancy and it's turning me into somewhat of a ragey bitch.  Also every time my husband says he's accomplished something I like to remind him I'm growing my second human in less than two years and tell him I deserve a really good "push present" or in my case "surgery recovery" present.

- My shopping wishlist for October is getting out of control. I need to scale it down. I don't need to buy everything because I took one month off.  #firstworldproblems 

- I'm avoiding reading sale emails or checking too many shopping sites because it just gives me anxiety that I'm missing something good

- I find hashtags totally annoying half the time but absolutely love using them in everyday conversation and overusing them on instgram and twitter.  #dontcare

- Miller has become a super picky eater. Being a "toddler chef" , as someone called it on my Instagram, is exhausting.  He would prefer to live on goldfish and Nutrigrain bars if I let him.  Any advice on this subject??!! 

- I'm going outlet shopping this weekend!! Don't worry I'm going shopping for Christmas presents. We usually go in November but since I'll be a little busy this year we're going early.  Anything I buy for myself will be a Christmas present. My main goal of the trip is fall/winter clothes for Miller, so fingers crossed they have good stuff!

Do you have anything you want to confess this week?!

                                                             Now it's your turn! 
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  1. I'm totally cracking up over this! This is why we would be friends in real life - hashtags are super annoying unless you throw them around randomly, especially in conversation! I felt the same way about everything during my second pregnancy, down to not loving names. I feel like it's all just different the second time. You'll know when you see him and everything will fall into place! Seriously, cracked me up this morning and got my day off on the right foot!

  2. When I'm pregnant I'm going to be downing chick Fil a milkshakes daily! When else can you get away with it?!

  3. I actually love to get my x-mas shopping done early - it's sort of calming knowing I don't have to step foot in a store in December if I dont want to!! I wish we had a Chick Fil A here I'd totally have a milkshake a day!!

  4. I've had trouble sleeping lately too, I can only imagine this will get worse once I'm farther along! I hope it gets better for you! My shopping list for Fall has also been out of control.. eek! I keep saying "I need just one more thing..." haha. Enjoy the outlet!!

  5. That milkshake sounds amazing! I have been giving into all my cravings recently and am realizing that I may be packing on too much weight! I still have 11 weeks to go! I totally understand your impatience to ge the nursery done. I don't know why but that is my #1 priority now. I just want to be able to sit in there and relax before he comes haha. The name thing is so hard! we announced our name on my blog today :) :)

  6. You toooootally deserve an awesome gift after you have the baby! And a toddler chef? Good Lord I love that!! Trace loves everything made by Annie's and anything that I pour (a tad bit of) pickle juice over. Gross right? The kid loves him some salty foods apparently and it's the best way to get him to eat turkey and cheese and other healthy stuff, haha!! So random...

  7. ok now i want a milkshake!! i want to start christmas shopping soon! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. We missed you last night! I think we drank ALL the wine. Ha. Have fun shopping this weekend!

  9. You can totally pull the pregnant card as much as possible. Take advantage while you can! Katelyn has begun throwing her food on the floor when I serve it to her. All she wants to eat is fruit and bread or crackers....I just keep trying in hopes that she will eat something. We can also always count on sphaghtti. I send her the same lunch to daycare everyday, and I feel bad, but I just really don't know what else she will eat!

  10. Ha! I love using hashtags in real convos too. It cracks me up. I love the name Miller, so I can't wait to see what you name your second.

  11. chickfila milkshakes are the BEST. my fall wishlist is out of control too! can't believe baby #2 is going to be here so soon!! ahhhhh!! and i'm obsessed with hashtags too. it's kind of embarrassing :/

  12. Christmas shopping in September! Impressive!! I confess that most days are spent with no makeup on and my hair in a wet bun (hey at least I get in the shower!). I can't imagine doing this with two children!

  13. Hi there, found your blog through the link up! I know exactly what you mean about not looking at sales and shopping sites! We are trying very hard to stick to a budget and it's SO hard with all of the cute fall clothes out right now!

  14. With two close pregnancies, you deserve any treats that you want right now!!! I feel your frustrations with the painting and wouldn't feel badly if you ended up having to call on a painter (or dad) to finish things up. My no spend wish list is piling up too...not good news for our bank account! Somehow I missed the present for Ginny and bought my own for Abby (with his blessing of course) but feel a c-section means a little extra love even if it's just some amazing expensive pajamas you treat yourself to! Have you tried smoothies with M? Maybe he will like them and you can sneak in some healthy foods?

  15. Love laughing my way through this post and I think my favorite line was you needing to remind your husband that you've been growing 2 humans in less than 2 years. That seems totally crazy. I can't believe how soon this little boy will be here. I can't wait to hear when ya'll settle on a name. You know I'm in the same boat with Brody and food. He is driving me crazy. I need to just relax about it. I love the name "toddler chef." Watermelon is like the one food that is always a definite that he will eat and guess what? I sent it to day care with him for lunch and he didn't even touch it. It changes meal to meal now....

  16. My son is so so so picky. We eat chicken nuggets, pizza, tons of mac and cheese...the worst stuff. he lived on nutri grain bars and goldfish when he was 2...we are getting a tad better but I heard boys are hard!!! Do you have consignment sales near you? I just got my sons entire wardrobe between the two that I go to...and totally overbought...but it is alllll lsooooooo cheap!!!!!!! I'm ragey and uncomfortable too!!!


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